Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in Computer Gaming World, June 1988:
    When the Bard's scared sober, trust a thief me.

    When the Bard's Tale began, we lived a charmed life. Good ale. Good song. Good company. Mangar came along, but we cut him to pieces before he could blink. Soon the world got bigger. We wandered the wilderness for months to find the pieces of that infernal Destiny Wand. But once we reforged it, Lagoth Zanta was history.

    But then, being a thief was dull. Pick this lock. Disarm that trap. When things got hot, they'd tell me "Into the shadows, wimp." I should've lifted their gold and split long ago. But it's too late now.

    We battle through the seven worlds. Cast Warstrike and Rimefang over and over. Cut down the endless Hookfangs and Slathbeasts. And suddenly, The Archmage is powerless. The Warrior is weak. The Bard can't play. Now they say I'm the only hope. I'm slick. I'm sneaky. And I'm going to fight the Mad God... alone.

    Some fate.

    • Over 500 colorful, animated kinds of monsters want to meet you. Some might even join your party.
    • Your stats show you're hot at lock picking, trap disarming... and hiding. Need more help than that? Seven kinds of spellcasters - including new Chronomancers and Geomancers - cast over 100 spells.
    • New auto-map feature lets you find your way in the 84 dungeon levels and seven dimensions. No copy protection to slow you down. Save the game at any location.

    Contributed by Belboz (6580) on Apr 15, 2001.