The Bard's Tale Screenshots

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Windows version

Title Screen
Setting up your character.
A voluptuous barmaid is the first person you meet.
Main menu
Attacking some wolves
The Bard's Tale features several songs. This one is about beer.
The world map
"Save Points" are indicated by a revolving book. You can't save at any other times or places.
Game Save screen
A shopkeeper
Your known "tunes"
Here a would-be "Chosen One" encounters a monstrous Trow.
The "head" Trow is one of the "bosses" you'll fight later.
Your Quest Log. Completed quests merely disappear from the list.
"It's bad luck to be you." is a funny tune repeated many times with different lyrics based on what has just happened.
The princess is locked in a magical force field. Saving her becomes the Bard's major objective.
Sometimes it's better to be "Snarky" rather than "Nice".
Carnage in the snowy mountains
Aha! The coveted sword is found!
Fionnaoch - the evil menace who imprisoned the princess.
A monster who does Fionnaoch's bidding.
This undead Viking berserker joins your party for a short time.
Another of Fionnaoch's "pets"
Summoned Characters are layered in submenus. Press 3 to get this main category menu.
The "Ego Sword" talks back. Those purple sparkles indicate a "no magic" zone.
The 3rd evil meanie .. Mannanan.
Flying atop the world on an eagle ray (mantas).
The Haggis monster from the pit
Skull Spirit
Meet Silkbeard
Magical prison
MacRath's Dungeon
Choosen One
Chapter XIV: Doanby Tower
Cavern and molted lava
Fionnaoch's Chamber
Lord Pershing's Dance Hall Macabre
Mackay Dounby Tower