BassDuel Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game's title screen
The start of a game. The game supports up to fifty different lakes and lakes from BASSTOUR and BASSCLASS can be used here.
The players names have been entered and the game is about to start
The start of a game. The player on the left always has control of the boat which is steered via the keyboard. Before setting sail the anchor must be raised, the motor turned on etc
Rod selection for player one
Tackle selection for player one, lots and lots to choose from
The player's boat is the small blue one in the lower right corner and they are fishing from the pier. Here a fish has taken the bait
The window in the lower left informs the player when a fish has been caught
At any time a player can check their status
By setting the controller options for player two to 'None' the game can be played in single player mode. here a record fish has been caught
Erm... crashing the boat costs time and money and is generally not a good idea
The yellow flag on the shore is the weigh in point. The player must sail close to this and press ALT/W to weigh in their catch
Standings at the end of the tournament's first day. The names are those of real anglers. Roland Martin, for example, was the first professional bass fisherman inducted into all three Halls of Fame
The end of the third day of the tournament and life's been good