BassTour Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

This is the game's menu screen. Once it has been displayed the player is asked to respond to a series of prompts that configure the game
These are the keyboard commands, they are displayed by left clicking the mouse
The game tries to be realistic. For example the correct actions must be performed in order to launch the boat, similarly fines are levied for reckless behaviour
This is the selection of rods that is available
This shows the selection of lures and baits that is available. For each entry in the far left window there are multiple options available. The depth chart is also shown here.
Bowfin are big fish that are hard to catch. additionally the game will throw small fish back and will not collect fish that are not bass.
A lake record has been set
At any point the player can check their status
The game automatically manages the fish in the live well, keeping the biggest and releasing the smallest
The player weighs in at the end of day one. The yellow flag marks the weigh in point, the player must get close to this before attempting to weigh in
The player is in a three day tournament and after weighing in they can check their placing in the tournament standings
The end of the tournament.