Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots

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Wii U version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Bruce Wayne
Batman Begins
Deserves the old Adam West 'Pow!'
Black Mask
Calender Man's creepy cell
Fighting some Blackgate crooks
Detective Vision returns and is as useful as ever for planning an attack
Hacking also returns. Unfortunately the Wii U version doesn't feature the touchscreen based version from its predecessor
Fighting the first boss, Killer Croc
Up Close
A younger Detective Gordon and Bullock
Arkham Origins expands on crime scene investigation, allowing Batman to digitally reconstruct events
First encounter with The Riddler, known simply as 'Enigma' in this game
The plot revolves around seven assassins hired to kill Batman
Upgrades and abilities have been overhauled
Gotham is now twice as large, with the new area (seen here) connected via bridge to a re-skinned version of Arkham City, AKA Old Gotham, from the previous game
It's so polite of them to stand and wait while I shatter their friends bones
Solving Enigma's tower puzzles is vital in unlocking the new fast travel feature
Fast Travel
Gliding across the bridge
Batarang catch
Silent takedown
Making my way through The Penguin's hideout
This guy never stood a chance
Typical Arkham quality climbing
Someone drank too much...
The Penguin
Riddler collectibles return, except now they are datapacks
The Batcave
Speaking with Alfred adds to the plot and actually gives Batman experience points
One of the 'new' side quests has Batman racing to destroy bombs
Preparing to fight Deathstroke
This fight is a mix of quicktime and realtime fighting, and is overall very well done
Some elements are taken directly from an Arkham City boss fight
Successful counter-attack
New Gadget
Epic finisher!
Easily one of the best shots in the game

Windows version

Dark knight is on duty.