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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

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Game Boy Color
Nintendo 64

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There are no reviews for this game.

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Game Boy Color 2 2.4
Nintendo 64 4 2.2
PlayStation 2 2.1
Combined User Score 8 2.2

Critic Reviews

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Game Boy ColorVideo Games
Handling und Gameplay gefallen, ständig generierte Passwörter sorgen für schnelles Voranschreiten. Womit wir auch beim größten Manko wären: Viel zu schnell ist alles vorbei.
Game Boy ColorIGN
The gameplay, however, is crumbling like Old Gotham. It's got a great story, but I'd rather see it in the movie than read it in the game. That leaves a simplistic brawling game as the mark of the Bat. It's fun to fight, but it's limited and has nowhere to go. Attempts to give depth go only so far in a chunky fighting game, and there are no puzzles or extended challenges to broaden the game. Batman gets his shots in, but without much character or verve in the gameplay and graphics, yet again the Joker gets away.
Game Boy ColorSuper Play (Sweden)
Trots att några missar i spelet gör att det inte riktigt hamnar uppe bland de riktigt bra portabla titlarna kan Batman of the Future skänka några roande timmar med Game Boy. Storyn i spelet gör sitt för att hålla spelaren fången framför den lilla skärmen, och är faktiskt helt okej för ett så enkelt spelkoncept. Lika mycket kult som den gamla TV-serien om Läderlappen och Robin kommer spelet dock aldrig att bli. Wack!
Lo dicho, si eres aficionado a Batman seguro que deseas saber cual es el futuro que le espera a tu personaje de animación preferido además de disfrutar pegando golpes por las calles de Gotham City, si por el contrario Batman no te importa en absoluto este no es tu videojuego ya que carece de algunos aspectos que lo alejan bastante de la denominación de obra de arte.
PlayStationPSX Nation
Unless you have a sort of sadistic side, or like laughing at how bad games, like movies, can be, then Batman Beyond should be avoided. No matter what your heart tugs with, visions from the cartoon, Paul Dini's amazing work in comics, the sad fact is this game is crud. Fodder for the bargain bins, the game simply is too generic and aside from Batman being in the lead this could be any other character starring in a 16 bit quick cash sellathon.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy
I'm sad to say that there's just not much to Batman Beyond. Fans of the cartoon obviously aren't sick of the Batman premise, but that doesn't mean they'll be able to tolerate this game.
Nintendo 64The Video Game Critic
Fighting is satisfying because you can easily dish off a quick succession of hits, and enemies hit the floor with a resounding thud. The audio is terrific with its edgy guitar soundtrack and jarring explosions. Batman Beyond's primary flaw is its questionable replay value. You'll get several continues but no password, so each time you play it's back to the start! The game is pretty short with its five stages, and there's no score or rating to gauge your performance. Batman Beyond had some potential, but Ubisoft didn't put enough effort into this.
Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide
At its core, though, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is little more than a stripped down action game offering nothing more substantial than a chance to beat up on thug after thug. While this can be enjoyable to a point, after a while it simply becomes dull and repetitive.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
In conclusion, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is a frustrating game that crumbles under its own challenge. Had it not been so difficult or incorporated a save feature, it wouldn't have been a bad game. On the other hand, it has a nice range of enemies; the instruction manual lists enemies through level three. After that, you're on your own! This is one beat 'em up that will test your patience and skills so rent it at your own risk: it could drive someone insane.
Nintendo 64Jeuxvideo.com
Batman of the Future ne reprend rien de ce qui faisait la force des beat'em all d'antan. Pas de mode deux joueurs, un gameplay totalement non jouissif, et une action plus répétitive que jamais. La réalisation ne suit pas non plus, et le jeu est beaucoup trop court.
Batman of the Future : Return of the Joker est un simple beat'em all ultra répétitif, court, injouable et graphiquement très laid. Une bonne grosse blague en somme !
Game Boy ColorDaily Radar
It's not as if we can honestly say we agree with the thought of Batman Beyond. After all, Batman is Bruce Wayne, not some punk upstart who's just following in the Dark Knight's footsteps. Besides, everyone knows that Batman should have died young and healthy, not become an old and decrepit man grudgingly teaching some kid how to do his old job. Regardless, the GBC version of the game will likely attract the attention of those who enjoy the animated television series, but hopefully those players will read this review first and avoid a purchase. Don't do it. Keep your money, or at least spend it on something that's actually worth your time. Because, quite simply, Batman Beyond on GBC is a waste of electronic components.
PlayStationDaily Radar
Listen. That's the sound of Batman's creator Bob Kane rolling around in his grave. Had the talented writer and artist lived long enough to see Kemco and Ubi Soft's butchery of the Batman name (and Batman's new incarnation, as played by hero Terry McGinnis), he'd have gone to the mortuary to pick out a coffin and grave to roll around in. Spankings are in order for the lamentable pile of dung titled Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker, and there aren't enough asses or paddles out there to make restitution possible.
Nintendo 64Mag'64
Die Level wurden fast 1 zu 1 aus der GBC Version übernommen, nur das diese wesentlich anspruchsvoller war. Wer hofft, einen grafischen und spielerischen Leckerbissen zu bekommen, der wird ebenfalls enttäuscht sein. Im aufgemotzten 2 D Stil geht es hier durch die Level und kann dem Anspruch von heute einfach nicht mehr genügen. Wer dieses Game für 19.95 auf dem Wühltisch sieht kann darüber nachdenken es zu kaufen, aber für den gängigen Preis würde ich persönlich lieber Bügeleisen kaufen, an denen hätte ich länger Freude.
PlayStationCheat Code Central
We all love Batman Beyond but the evil Kemco and Ubi Soft have control over him now. We can only hope that another hero will be able to save him before we just don't care anymore. Anyone for another game of Spider-Man? Ah….that's so much better. Thanks Neversoft.
You should not buy this game because of its gameplay, nor because of its graphics, or because of its sound, you should not buy this game when it's bound, or buy it by the pound. You should not buy this game for the Dark Knight, or because you can fight, or because it's tight. You should not buy this game because you like the cartoon, or because it's out so soon, or because it makes you swoon. You should not buy this game because it's not a game, but it is inane, and it is a shame. You should not buy this game, Batman I am.
Nintendo 64IGN
Batman Be Gone would have been a more fitting title for this insultingly poor "3D" brawler. Everything about the product is shoddily executed, from its formulaic and outdated gameplay mechanics to its horribly dusty graphic look. There are no options, enemies are downright stupid, the backgrounds are repetitive and uninteresting, and the sound offerings are unacceptable at best. Do not buy this game. Burn it.
Nintendo 64Gamekult
Et un jeu sous licence de super-héros de plus à oublier, un ! Batman of the Future : Return of the Joker est un simple beat'em all sans saveur, sans la moindre qualité réussissant à relever un peu le niveau : pas très long, pas original, assez mal réalisé, le tout saupoudré d'une maniabilité qui ne convainc pas. Si ce jeu est une blague signée du Joker, elle n'est pas drôle !
Nintendo 64Digital Press - Classic Video Games
With incredible titles like Resident Evil 2 and Rayman 2 pushing the N64 to its limits, It’s amazing Ubi Soft (who actually developed Rayman 2) published this monstrosity and shelled it out to the market. Maybe someday Batman Beyond fans will get what they deserve. Unfortunately, nightmares do come true.
Nintendo 64Game Revolution
While Batman Beyond doesn't quite sink to Superman 64's level of crappy comic cartridges, it comes damn close. It's clearly nothing more than a cash-in for the license. Those Warner Brother's executives already censored and toned down the violence in the movie. What they really should have done was keep this game from coming out. The only possible way to make this Batman game any worse would be to let Joel Shumaker direct it.