Batman Forever Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening game menu
Player select - Batman or Robin
You can select one optional tool
What's Jake looking at?
Phil want's to say hi.
Phil gets a face full of bat fist.
The Riddler taunts you.

Genesis version

Title screen
Choose player: Batman or Robin
Gotham City
Various gadgets you can use...
The first level
Nice flight there!
Intro with credits
In a clean room, I'm fighting yellow suits...
You get such messages from the game sometimes
A greenish level
The bad guys use flamethrowers
Found a little green thing
What are you doing, I'll miss my train!
Level with old-fashioned cars
Hey, stop bothering me!
Robin is safe on this platform
A heated battle in a dungeon
Batman against a shaman
Batman is riding a platform
A level with time limit
Trying to jump in vain...
Arkham Asylum?
Robin in action.
Riddler tip.
Great explosion.

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
Main Menu
Character Select
Choosing gear
Mode 7 map
Untangle the riddles
Throwing a thug
Batman beating up some surprisingly well-dressed thugs
Watch out for electric chairs.
Mortal Kombat-style uppercut
In training mode, you can also control enemy-characters.
Don't get surrounded!