Advertising Blurbs

SCEE Australia website - PlayStation:
    Battle Arena Toshinden - the underworld's ultimate martial arts tournament.

    Prepare yourself for the first beat-em-up ever to let you battle in true 3D. Incredible graphics with thousands of fully texture-mapped and gourad-shaded polygons and super-fluid animation; eight different characters, each with a devastating array of kicks, blows and special moves, and armed with swords, spears, clubs, whips and knives; three viewpoints; normal, overhead, long-range plus an intelligent camera that pans around and zooms in and out to follow the action.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66899) on Jul 05, 2004.

Jewel Case Back:
    You are invited…
    …to your own DEMISE. Battle the world’s toughest fighters in this “Invitation Only” underworld tourney. Only ONE warrior will survive. Will it be your destiny?

  • The ONLY true 3-dimensional, 360-degree tournament-style fighter. Avoid and annihilate your opponent before he – or she – does you!

  • Four different views AT WILL. From in-your-face close to the sky-high gaze of the powers-that-be.

  • UNBELIEVABLE! Sweepkicks, rapid-fire hits, sky-high jumps, #!%$! Slaps, killer combos and tons of weapons and special moves.

  • GLORY! LOVE! REVENGE! DEATH!? Pulverize 8 deadly challengers… and whoever or whatever comes next! Are you up to it!?

    Contributed by Jeanne (76611) on Nov 10, 2002.