Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
A fresh new game starts.
Cannon fire on a pawn
Right click for in-game menus.
A knight decapitates a cannoneer.
A Soldier(兵) gets smoked by cannon fire..
You can, of course, play in a boring old 2D mode if you don't want to get your money's worth.
There's two versions, the first being in Chinese characters and this one being labeled in Latin characters.
A Soldier(兵), after a lengthy parrying session finally knocks out a Private(卒).
Two Chariots(車) turn into dragons and breathe fire on each other.
The only way the Cavalry(馬) can beat a Chariot/Dragon(車), is by making him laugh to death with a funny mask.
A Soldier(兵) is stomped on by a War Elephant(象).
The Marshal(帥) bring this Private's(卒) weapon to life to kill him with it.
A Scholar (仕) makes a Cannon's(砲) cannon turn on himself.
Annoyed with the Cavalry's(馬) showing off, a General(帥) pulls out a giant sword and swats him.
A Cavalry(馬) cuts a Scholar(仕) in half.
The final move must still be performed. A Chariot(俥) lights up a General(將).
Title screen (EGA)
Board (EGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Board (CGA)