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Battle for Normandy

Battle for Normandy Screenshots

Apple II version

Continue existing or new game
Landing at Utah beach
Landing at Gold beach
Selecting drop zones for Airborne troops
You have 2 US and 1 British Airborne divisions
First turn start
Strategic map display - view all beach landings

Battle for Normandy Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Continue existing or new game
Landing Gold beach
Selecting drop zone for 2 US Airborne divisions
Drop zone for 1 British Airborne division
Loading D-Day scenario map
Allied movement phase begins
Selected US 101st Airborne division - unit is fatigued

Battle for Normandy Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Input required
More input required
The game
In-game options
Dropped an unit into the ocean

Battle for Normandy Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Planning your troop locations.
Giving commands.

Battle for Normandy Screenshots

TRS-80 version

Game load is in 3 parts on TRS-80 16k. First placement of Airborne troops
Load next section from tape
Fuel and resources
Headed for beaches already opening fire
Turn 1 complete with option to save to tape
Germans moving up to counter landing
Combat on Gold Beach and airpower
Germans holding strong on all beach heads
End turn with outcome and weather report