The Battle of Olympus Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen
Title screen and main menu
Enter the names of the hero and heroine.
Select your language.
Starting location
I entered a house.
Talking to a person.
Facing my first enemy.
The map
These guys are much tougher.
I lost all my energy and died.
I can continue or retry.
These scorpion things look mean and tough.

NES version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
Nice map!
Starting the game in Arcadia
Yeah, sure thing! How's the old geezer doing, anyway?
Inventory screen
You get hints from people you encounter in the game
Beautiful scenery
An old wise guy in a cave
Entering a mountain area
Got it, baby! How 'bout a dinner after I come back?
Nice houses...
Greek style, columns and all
Getting hit by a very nasty enemy
Your majesty, Lord British! Uh... whatever
Those pesky birds jump like crazy
A goodbye kiss?
Nice "Game Over" screen!
Thanks for tips
Fight against forest slug.. or something else.
Another dialogue
He has trouble.
In temple