The Battle of the Bulge: Tigers in the Snow Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Game start - date 12/16/44
German combat phase
German 272nd and 326th Volksgrenadier (infantry) Divisions attack the U.S. 99th Infantry Division
U.S. Armor reinforcements starting to show in the battle map
Distruction of bridges slow the German heavy tanks
All battle phases complete date 12/17/44 - Each full day provides stats and victory point totals
Game over - point totals

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Setting up some game options
All done, now waiting for the game to load...
The game has just started
Defender retreats!
German side looks fully supplied...

Commodore 64 version

Computer as germans
Select scenario
Move phase
Combat begins heavy US loss
Combat report stats and orders
US push back from German movement
Continue withdrawal
First turn day Dec 16th end with victory points

DOS version

Title screen

TRS-80 version

Option 2 player or 1 player against computer
Seleted Allied (human) vs German (computer)
Data load of scenario file
Main battle map and game start with computer combat phase
Each round (1 day) you have limited artillery to use
Orders for each isolated battle
Units engaged in this battle
Battle outcome
Must retreat using numbers for which hex to move
Human combat phase select which units to attack
Strategy Altered means the attack plan had to be change during combat phase and wasn't full carried out as planned.
In this engagement a complete unit was eliminated
At the end of each full turn (1 day) you are allow the option to save the game
Now its 12/18/44 2 days into the major battle with reinforcements arriving and more artillery per turn
Bridge removal to slow supplies and forces
Day 12/19/44 and still haven't contained the bulge