Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Strike at Karkand map loading
From US base leading into Karkand
Using M1 Abrams tank CITV camera for targeting
M98B Sniper rifle shot marksman 232
Another M98B Sniper shot - the new Karkand is a very clear environment allowing long range sniping
Near US base entrance to Karkand. Most buildings can be destroyed to empty shells
Killed everyone in the squad of four - wipe ribbon
Using mortars to soften them up
Using the LAV-25 Infantery Fighting Vehicle to take the flag at Market
My killcam shows my killer being knifed by a teammate but they don't see the enemy teammate behind them
Using the Recon kit and MAV pointing out targets over Karkand square enemy on the rooftops
Sneaking up on enemy and knifed them collecting dog tags near train wreck on Karkand map
In Infantery Fighting Vehicle crossing bridge back by warehouse
Gulf of Oman map loading
On Gulf of Oman - someone is about to get a headache
Gulf of Oman construction buildings
In boat leaving the carrier headed for the beach
Javelin locked laser guided shot chased down target behind building out of view for the kill
Javelin shot on chopper smoke trail as missile streaks to the target
High atop construction waiting for the chopper to get in range of the Javelin
Two enemy jets collide
Sharqi Peninsula map loading
Using the Recon kit and MAV pointing out targets over Sharqi Peninsula map
Killcam shows the AH-1Z attack chopper
Flying the Havoc attack chopper destroying a enemy tank with rockets and unlocking Air Radar
Wake Island map loading
Aboard carrier in Phalanx AA gun looking at Wake Island in the distance
In US jet headed over Wake Island
Flying US attack chopper 3rd person view of Wake Island below
M98B Sniper Rifle 12x scope with headshot nearly the full length of Wake Island marksman 660 with bullet drop