Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Screenshots

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Windows version

Donya Fortress map loading
Gun Master mode start at Donya Fortress
Donya Fortress has several kill zones.
Donya Fortress central courtyard
Ziba Tower map loading
Countdown to deploy on squad mate - the level is full of tight stairs and rooms.
Ziba Tower what is left - just dispatched 2 and unlocked the SPAS-12 shotgun.
End of round shows unlocks.
Ziba Tower - yeah.... did I mention it's a tower... don't fall off!
Operation 925 map loading
Operation 925 - healing two team mates and promoted to Colonel Star 48.
Operation 925 - We are even.... both of us dead on the kill cam.
Scrapmetal map loading
Scrapmetal map is large.
Scrapmetal - plenty of cover everywhere
Scrapmetal - ramps connect sections of the plant.
Scrapmetal - checking the roof tops for targets.