Battlefield 4: China Rising Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Altai Range map loading
Hand launch of SUAV Recon gadget
Enemy jet trying to pull a Kamikaze into my Anti-Air vehicle. Both rockets missed but two teammate jets are right behind him.
APC sent to deal with my Anti-Air suppression gets some major air when a teammate uses C4 on it!
Near the end of the round the Kamikaze returns this time he finds the mark! NO!!!!
Altai Range map center flag point (D) and Command trailer for the bomber see the plane on the door. Just jump in when ready and your in the bomber.
Selecting bomb drop placement around enemy vehicle impact takes 3-5 seconds. Center map flag point (D) below where we access the bomber.
Shredding an enemy bomber with the Anti-Air!
Saving a teammate (ribbon) on stairs... but command warning heavy enemy presence is coming up the tower stairs shortly!! EVAC!
Dragon Pass map loading
Dragon Pass deploy map
Guilin Peaks map loading
Guilin Peaks sniping from high peak location.
Guilin Peaks is also full of caves
Parachuting in to take (E) map point
Silk Road map loading
Silk Road deploy map
Silk Road (A) map point getting an unlock weapon 95B-1
Using the tanks FLIR thermal view overlooking (D) map point on Silk Road. A jet white hot flies in from left.
Attacking (E) map point I sneak up on a engineer and knife him for his dogtags with my carbon fiber knife!
Rank up granted a Gold Battlepack. Reviewing what it contains in game. The value of items is matched to the Battlepack color Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
Using the AMR-2 one shot kill sniper rifle long range. The target is killed and crumples to the ground a second later.