BattleSphere Credits (Jaguar)

BattleSphere Jaguar Title screen.


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BattleSphere Credits


Game DesignScott Le Grand, Douglas Engel, Stephanie Wukovitz, Tom Harker
ProgrammingScott Le Grand, Douglas Engel, Stephanie Wukovitz
Graphics & ArtworkScott Le Grand, Douglas Engel
SoundDouglas Engel
Music EngineDouglas Engel
Sound EffectsScott Le Grand, Douglas Engel, Stephanie Wukovitz
MusicStephanie Wukovitz
Product ManagementTom Harker
InShape Object BuilderRalph 
Special Thanks ToDamien M. Jones (for Julia Code), Tom McComb (for donating CAD 3D programs), John Harris (for feedback on playability), Clay Halliwell (for the BattleSphere FAQ), Bill Longworth (for his 1084 monitor), Bryan Edewaard (for Julia Code), Robert A. Jung (Keepers of the Flame), Steven Scavone (Keepers of the Flame), Erik Fortune (Keepers of the Flame), Dave Homenuck (Keepers of the Flame), Sean McKay (Keepers of the Flame), Robert Cooper (Keepers of the Flame), Eric Cartman (Keepers of the Flame), Jeff Minter (Keepers of the Flame), Gregory D. George (Keepers of the Flame), Wes Powell (Keepers of the Flame), Glenn Saunders (Keepers of the Flame)
PlaytesterMark Santora, Douglas Engel, Carl Forhan, Ian Harker, Zac Harker, John Harris, Travis Guy, Kevin Manne
Video ProductionMark Santora
SupportRalph A. Barbagallo III, Jer Horwitz, Allen C. Huffman, John Mathiesen, Bill Rehbock, Tim Wilson, Eric Rotbard, Scott Sanders, Christian Svensson
Network DriversDouglas Engel
Instrument SamplesStephanie Wukovitz, Douglas Engel
3D Model DesignDouglas Engel
Business ManagerTom Harker
MathematicianStephanie Wukovitz
InspirationJeff Minter, Doug Neubauer, J. Michael Straczynski

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