BattleTanx Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Introduction frame – a close-up of Madison (left) and Griffin (right).
Fighting an enemy tank
These enemy towers can be a hassle
Demolish buildings to make a path for yourself
Collect the power-ups
Use the bridge to cross the lake.
Cutscenes help advance the story.
Battle in the open.
Blowing up an enemy tank.
Fighting 2 tanks at once.
Mission objectives are displayed before each level.
Make your way across!
Fighting in the desert.
Welcome to friendly New York.
A powerful attack.
Only the blue buildings can be demolished.
Using a Moto tank against the enemy tower.
Washington DC - the final level
Driving past the White House

BattleTanx Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title Screen
Main menu
Background information about Griffin, the main character
Fighting through the first level
Post battle specs
Get ready!
Battle in the tunnel
Poor use of a nuke