Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs Credits

Crave Entertainment

ProducerMatthew Paul
Associate ProducerKevin Hoekman
QA ManagerMichael Schneider
TestersRon Talay, John Kellogg, Brett Bigley, Dan Chaffey, Daniel Echeverria, Richard Robledo, Jeff McLean
Marketing Services ManagerSheri Furumi Snow
Product Marketing ManagerEddie Camarillio
Senior PR ManagerLisa Fleury
Creative Services ManagerRyan Villiers-Furze
Creative AssistantEthan Malykont


PresidentKarl D. Jeffery
Executive ProducerChristopher Hadley
ProducerAndrew Pang
3D Engine and EffectsZareh Johannes (as ZZKJ)
Lead ProgrammerMark Sinclair
Additional ProgrammingRichard Nutman, Tony Mack, Charles Blair, Alex Houghton, Adrian Cummings
Music Arranged ByMatthew Simmonds
Sound FX Arranged ByMatthew Simmonds
Lead ArtistDoug Townsley
Additional ArtworkLewis Cooper, Niki Hunter, Szymon Masiak
Test ManagerGraham Archer
Lead TesterKraig Morgan
TestersJames Neilson, Stuart Thomson, Kevin Tattum

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