Yie Ar Kung-Fu Screenshots (BBC Micro)

User Screenshots

BBC Micro version

Nice High resolution loading screen
Buchu, a big fella who flies through the air at you
Star, who throws shurikens at you. Quite tough to defeat her.
Nunchu. Uses Nunchucks. Easier to defeat than Star.
Told you so.
Pole. Guess what he uses! Can be tough to pass as he can attack quite rapidly.
Feedle. Never seen, but attacks you by throwing various items at you from both sides. The toughest opponent in this first round.
The second round, with a different backdrop. Chain, easy to defeat as he has a low speed of attack.
Fan, similar to Star but throws larger objects.
Sword, tougher than Pole or Nunchu, with a long reach.
Clone is a clone of you with the same abilities. As he is computer controlled, he can be tough at first.
Second Feedle. Basically more of the same. Tough to beat like the first one.
High score page. The scores cycle through various colours.