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Platform Votes Score
3DO 2 4.8
DOS 9 3.5
SEGA 32X 5 3.2
SEGA CD 4 4.0
Combined User Score 20 3.7

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SEGA CDShin Force
The 32X version is a little smoother and more detailed, but Sega CD version has CD music, so pick your poison. Any way you look at it, BC Racers is a game which showcases the power of Sega CD and the prowess of Core. Now, how about an uber-version!!?
SEGA CDPlayer One
BC Racers s'installe avec brio sur Mega CD ; c'est beau, jouable et surtout désopilant ! Ne le manquez sous aucun prétexte.
SEGA 32XShin Force
The 32X version is a little smoother and more detailed, but Sega CD version has CD music, so pick your poison. Any way you look at it, BC Racers is a game which showcases the power of 32X and the prowess of Core. Now, how about an uber-version!!
SEGA CDGameFan Magazine
Sega CD owners get yet another great Core game. BC Racers main attraction is it's great scaling, but that is not where the fun stops. BC has a great cast of characters (including some pre-historic beauties), cool bongo music and it's just plain fun to play. Hook up a second pad and one guy can drive while the other does the mashin'. And, three viewpoints are available on the fly! It's VR Chuck!
DOSJoystick (French)
Un rallye de side-car qui met en scène des vedettes de la pop music et rend ainsi le tout fort amusant. Vaut le détour. Cela dit, c'est très rapide...
BC Racersissa ei ole sarjakaapeli-tai modeemipeliä, mikä osaltaan vähentää kivikautisen kaasuttelun ikää, sillä peli ei ole vaikeimmallakaan tasolla ihmeemmin haastava. BC Racers on kuitenkin yllättävän nautittava ja viimeistelty peli, jota pelailee mielellään siihen saakka, kunnes palkintopyörä on saavutettu. Romppu ei tuo merkittävää laadun parannusta, joten CD-aseman omistajankin kannattaa harkita HD-versiota välttyäkseen asetusten kanssa taistelemiselta. Demo MBnetissä nimellä bcracdem.zip.
DOSThe Freehare
To wrap things up, BC Racers is a very nice racing game and you will have a lot of fun with it if you like games in the style of Wacky Wheels. I give this game 4 carrots of a maximum five.
SEGA CDDefunct Games
The control is just alright, though. And the levels aren't really that interesting. Neither is bad enough to bring it score down, but I certainly wished the levels were slightly more interesting to look at. Though a 3DO version was released, it didn't improve on the game at all, and I still am demanding a proper sequel to this game! But regardless, the game is a lot of fun, and worth having in your collection. It was before Mario Kart, but not even in the same category. Well worth taking a look, even if you have to buy it.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Stone Racers macht auf den ersten Blick einen außerordentlich guten Eindruck, nach längerer Spielzeit vermißt man jedoch ein realistischeres Fahrverhalten und ausgefeilteres Leveldesign. Mit Hilfe des Zwei-Spieler-Modus kann Core Design jedoch das Eisen noch einmal aus dem Feuer hohlen – Solospieler werden aufgrund des niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgrades das Spiel nach wenigen Stunden beiseitelegen.
Auch wenn es im Steintal nicht immer ganz ruckelfrei abgeht, sind die Stone Racers somit ihr Benzingeld wert - vor allem Teamster werden hier ihre wahre Freude haben!
Great music; humorous animation; challenging racing. Can't customize racer; no network or modem play. If you want simple racing action and don't mind the few flaws, you'll enjoy this game.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Ein flottes, gut spielbares Action-Rennspielchen für zwischendurch. In punkto Design nicht 100 Prozent perfekt, aber unterm Strich springt ein ordentlicher Unterhaltungswert raus.
SEGA CDVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Adding a split-screen two-player race - or even a time trial mode - would have enhanced the game's replay value greatly; unfortunately, there just isn't enough here to justify the full-on Sega CD treatment. OK, it does have a colorful cartoon intro sequence, but I would much rather have had more action-packed gameplay.
While it probably isn't for sophisticated gamers, BC Racers still has plenty of youth appeal. Until they're ready for Road Rash, novices can get good mileage from these cave clowns.
SEGA 32XGamePro (US)
BC Racers' numerous tracks, humorous attacks and simultaneous two-player action will appeal to those looking for a lighthearted challenge. Serious racers who won't appreciate the game's humor should stick to present day speedways.
DOSPower Play
Doch das wars dann auch schon. Die Steuerung ist recht passend, die Abwechslung im Streckendesign nicht das Gelbe vom Ei, und die Gegner bieten auf Dauer auch nichts Neues. Für ein bis zwei Stunden läuft das Spiel sicherlich auf Höchstform, baut dann jedoch kläglich ab und landet. dank Langweil-Design, leider im Mittelmaß. Alles in allem bietet Stone Racers sicherlich gute Unterhaltung, der Konkurrent Superkarts bietet jedoch einiges mehr.
The Sega CD's scaling capabilities are quite impressive, but are nothing to lose your precious bodily fluids over. With a two-player mode, a handful more options or a few more tracks, this could've been a keeper; but in its present state, you'll play B.C. Racers once or twice and forget it in a couple of days.
3DOGameFan Magazine
When I first heard about BC Racers, I was really interested. Oh my, was I disappointed. Static backgrounds that are bad limitations of The Flintstones and major slow down destroy what should have been a fun 3DO game. The theme and characters showed a great deal of promise, but somehow it just wasn't executed the way it should have been. What a shame.
Ce jeu, plutôt atypique souffre de ses défauts et risque de détourner un grand nombre de joueurs. Cependant il est le seul représentant du genre sur Mega-CD et n'a pas à souffrir de la concurrence.
SEGA 32XVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
No one would have expected BC Racers to be Daytona, but it could have played a little faster. And though it may feel more like you're pedaling than driving...well hey, it's set in the Stone Age. The Fred Flintstones-type graphics aren't quite appealing and certainly not innovative. But some of the characters are cute.
SEGA 32XDefunct Games
I'm sure the developers knew the add-on was probably doomed, but that shouldn't have stopped the team from putting forth some sort of effort. This like I said is congruent to the rest of the game, and it's this amazing mediocrity throughout the game is why this game get's an even 50. It's the very definition of a functional game that is absolutely no fun.
DOSHigh Score
Spelet bjuder på riktigt trevlig grafik och det går riktigt fort. BC Racers blir dock enahanda ganska snart och det finns flera racingspel till PC som är betydligt bättre.
SEGA 32XSega-16.com
That really sums up the game. It's graphically disappointing, the collision detection with anything is nonexistent so you can barely tell if you're going to knock into something, and crashing into too many things wrecks your bike and forfeits the game. BC Racers makes use of a couple of continues when that happens, and when you exhaust them, you get a game over. The sound is horrible, and the gameplay is as shallow as a kitchen sink. Frankly, this was a great idea for a game and could have been a cute title. But on 32X, this game can't even handle itself properly to make it amusing or fun. And even if it could, there's not enough substance to make BC Racers worth your time.
Overall, BC Racers is a huge disappointment. The overall style is quite good, and even looks good in the below screen shots. But once the game starts moving, the awful frame rate and terrible controls make for a frustrating experience. BC Racer commands high prices on eBay and I would only recommend this stinker to completists.
SEGA 32XDigital Press - Classic Video Games
For such a small library, the 32X had a surprising variety of games. In fact, it probably showcases every popular genre up until that point except for puzzle and RPG games. The lone cart racer is the disastrous B.C. Racers, a slightly improved (graphically) Sega CD port that's just as horrible as it was on the first Genesis attachment. With the exception of the color, nothing has been improved. The frame rate is inexcusably choppy, especially since other games like Metal Head and Darxide used fully textured polygons and maintained a better frame rate. B.C. racers uses an unimpressive mode-7 scaling effect, just a blatant rip-off of Nintendo's classic. Actually playing the game is a miserable experience.
SEGA 32XThe Video Game Critic
If this game proved anything, it's that the Sega 32X was never ready for prime time. BC Racers is basically a Mario Kart clone, but the horrible frame-rate makes it almost unplayable. This is supposed to be 32-bit technology, and it can't even duplicate a Super Nintendo game?!?! The concept was good, using funny Chuck Rock-style cavemen and dinosaurs riding prehistoric contraptions. The characters are funny looking and well-drawn, and the backgrounds sport some colorful skylines. But once the action gets underway, it's difficult to tell what's going on thanks to excessive choppiness, especially when turning. As you can imagine, the two-player split screen mode is even worse. The turbo and punch buttons are practically useless. The sound sucks also, demonstrated by the weak thunder clashes in the storm stage. It's a shame that the 32X wasn't up to the challenge.