BC Racers Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Start screen
Main menu
Select your player.
The first level
In pursuit

DOS version

Opening Movie
Main Menu (CD version)
Main Menu (floppy version)
Racer Selection
First Race
Night Race
The Desert
Big Jungle Jump
The Swamp
Snowy Track Conditions
Cave Racing
Lava Race
Race over
Out of track
Chicks on graveyard
You are tied for the lead

SEGA 32X version

The 32X version lacks the animated intro.
Character selection
The 32x version's graphics are nearly identical to the PC version.
Night rider!
The Desert Track

SEGA CD version

Title Screen
Round 1: Bedrock?
Round 2: Night
Round 3: Desert
Round 4: Jungle
Round 5: Swamp
Round 6: Snow
Round 7: Cave
Round 8: Lava
Racer Selection