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A humorous Moon Patrol clone based on the famous comic strip Commodore 64 Katakis | カタキス (39520)

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Platform Votes Score
Apple II 6 4.0
Atari 8-bit 6 3.5
ColecoVision 7 4.3
Commodore 64 22 3.6
MSX Awaiting 5 votes...
PC Booter 6 3.1
ZX Spectrum 6 3.7
Combined User Score 53 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Atari 8-bitTeleMatch (Mar, 1984)
Sie dürfen sicher sein, daß ich nach Durchspielen von über tausend Spielen vorsichtig mit Urteilen geworden bin. Wirklich begeistert und überzeugt wurde ich von Quest For Tires. Mehr ist dazu nicht zu sagen.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Jan, 1986)
Having said all that, this is pure and unadulterated (no added colour, no preservatives) arcade action - and it's still got plenty of natural fizz!
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Jan, 1986)
Although the title has little relevance to the game - other than the fact that it is the name of one of the US BC cartoons - and the graphics are nothing to write home about, BC has me hooked. I find his on-screen antics very addictive.
True, every round gets faster, but that's not enough incentive to really make the game addictive. Still, the graphics just about make up for any other shortcomings of Quest for Tires and we can look forward to more B.C. games from Sierra.
ColecoVisionThe Video Game Critic (Jul 04, 2001)
The controls are quite responsive and you can adjust your speed using the side buttons. Speed control is key to completing some stages, but it also serves to allow veterans to whiz through those easy early stages. One noticeable flaw is that your speed doesn't reset between stages, so if you were going full bore at the end of one stage, you're thrust into the next one at the same breakneck speed. BC's Quest offers simple arcade fun in a cartoon world. It's occasionally frustrating, but more often addicting.
Commodore 64Micro 7 (Mar, 1984)
Tout récent, BC ressemble à Schtroumpf à beaucoup d'égards: Personnage de télévision, certes moins connu, animation très proche du dessin animé en particulier par la translation des différents plans dans l'espace. Son gros avantage est d'être disponible sur plusieurs machines et d'offrir une variété plus grand dans les tâches à accomplir, agrandissant de beaucoup son public potentiel.
MSXComputer Gamer (Nov, 1986)
Quest for Tyres is a well programmed game with small details which raise it above others but I wonder how addictive it is. There is little variation in the gameplay and it could become quite boring.
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Jan, 1986)
You have to be pretty quick on the joystick or keyboard to steer Thor successfully through all the obstacles he encounters - and the game does get irritating addictive.
Commodore 64Zzap! (May, 1985)
Easy to get into. Unfortunately it's quite easy to finish. US software showing it's age again.
Apple IIMicro 7 (Nov, 1984)
La réussite de ce jeu tient pour autant dans son mécanisme que dans tous les détails qui l'accompagnent. Cette version est décevante et incomplète.
Atari 8-bitComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Oct, 1984)
One slightly annoying feature of the game is that after a crash, the next turn starts without the player signaling that he is ready. Several times I crashed simply because I did not realize until too late that my turn had begun and my unicycle was off and rolling again. Finally, QFT requires far more timing than strategy and, rather than levels of play, it offers new obstacles to overcome on the way to the rescue. Still, it is fun to play.
Atari 8-bitHappy Computer (Jun, 1984)
Nach relativ kurzer Zeit bietet dieses Modul allerdings keine echten Überraschungen mehr. Man kennt den Rhythmus der hereinbrechenden Gefahren und überwindet sie daher, trotz des einstellbaren Schwierigkeitsgrad mühelos. „BC's Quest for Tires“ ist also kein Dauerbrenner, aber wegen der schönen Comic-Grafik wird man das Programm öfters wieder hervorholen, um es Freunden zu zeigen, die es noch nicht kennen.