BC's Quest for Tires Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Cruising along...
A crash!
I need to cross this lake...
Don't get hit on the head by a club!
Jumping over a rolling stone...
In a cave; avoid stalactites and stalagmites

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Jumping an early hazard
No time to jump now, I've had it
Falling into one
Hitting my head on a tree

ColecoVision version

Title screen
A game in progress
Cruising through the forest
A crash!
Watch out for Fat Broad

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Title screen
Cruising along on a wheel...
Be sure to duck under the trees!
Tripped on a log...
Watch out for Fat Broad!
Rocks and potholes get in your way
Sinking into a pit.
Using a friendly bird to help me cross the pit!
Sinking into water.

MSX version

Title screen
Play Select screen
Resue her!
You must jump!

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA 4-color)
Title screen, Tandy licensed version (CGA 4-color)
Cruising along on a wheel (CGA 4-color)
Wham, right into a tree! (CGA 4-color)
Title screen (CGA composite mode)
Cruising along on a wheel (CGA composite mode)
Trees and other obsticles get in the way (CGA composite mode)
Fat Broad gets in the way (CGA composite mode)
Smack, right into a rock! (CGA composite mode)
Title screen / IBM version (CGA composite mode)
Select Option / IBM version (CGA composite mode)
Hero's List / IBM version (CGA composite mode)
Begin Game - Your Turn / IBM version (CGA composite mode)
Fell to the ground by rock / IBM version (CGA composite mode)
Game Over / IBM version (CGA composite mode)

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title and credits screen
Starting location
Hall of Fame.
Insert the right code please.
One of the characteristics of this game is that it's very fluid and much arcade style.
Is this a giant sort of strawberry?... I think I finally get it... It's a wasp hive! (emotional illumination)
Bye bye hive...
Two logs. My mother in law's work. I know it!
I can't believe she was bold enough to ally herself with the Barosaurus...
Let's get reasonable Mum! You daughter is old enough to decide for her ... (bump)
...after I told her we were going to spend a year's salary on...
I'm a rolling stone, I know it in my heart!
(consequence of the divagation)
I dunno why I'm wondering about Sisyphus... but I'm the master here... ain't I?...
(another crash follows)
- Get out of here filthy bird, shooo...!
- But I'm here to help you! Just have to grab my pen...
- That wasn't that hard... was it?
After the last traumatic episode I decided that I would do anything to save her.
I really have to get myself free of this habit of philosophizing...
What happened to me? I'm still flying! I don't need nasty filthy birds any more! It's all a question of speed! I'm a rolling stone!
No melon shall stop me from saving my girl.
- I don't quite understand what kind of brontosaurus are you representing. Were you packed in some sort of box when you were born or what? Know this, your ridiculousness won't distract me!
(about to get his skull screwed to the stalactite)
- I understand now, Bronty was peeking through the cave's entrance he wasn't born like th... (squashy sound)
Don't make me describe what happened with the stalagmite.
- My querida!
- Hey?! Who's asking for help after all?