Beats Credits (PSP)

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Beats Credits


ProductionAdriana Eyzaguirre, Mark Horneff
DesignBen Cousins, John Foster
ArtAlex Townsend, Iki Ikram, Nathan Teoh
ProgrammingPeter Hodges, Adrian O'Grady, Jim Knowler, Malte Hildingsson, Paul-Jon Bowron
Additional ProgrammingMatthew Rosenfeld
Communications ManagerNancy Gatehouse
Sound DesignKenneth C. M. Young
MusicAlastair Lindsay, Stephen O'Callaghan
Music LicensingGrace Ep, Sergio Pimentel
President - SCE Worldwide StudiosPhil Harrison
Vice President, SCE Worldwide Studios EuropeJamie Macdonald
VP Product Marketing and Sales PlanningSimon Rutter
Product Marketing DirectorMark Hardy
Product ManagerLiam Quigley
PR ManagerLouise Welch
Legal and Business AffairsTom Weston, Richard Guest
First Party QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
Functionality SupervisorGary Spencer
Lead TesterWayne Smith
TestersGraham Price, Paul Daley, Kevin Sandiford, Daniel Crossley, Ed Hely
TRC Testing SupervisorPaul French
Lead TRC TesterJohn Hale
TRC TestersKevin McCormack, Brandon Conley, Chris Hopley, Michael Kennedy, Martin Houghton
DuplicationChris Stanley, Craig Duddle
Localisation SupervisorNadine Martin
Localisation Lead TesterKatharina Tropf
Localisation TestersYolanda Akil, Alberto Pérez, Jose Flores, Rafael Deogracias, Silvia Ferrero, Daniele De Blasio, Paolo Parrucci, Daniele Tacconi, Gianni Bianchini, Cesare Sivo, Julia Schindler, Matthias Pokorny, Julia Aigner, Katharina Scharpf, Pauline Brisoux, Cédric Gérard, Harouna Camara, William Kandot, Aurélien Mouliets
Special ThanksEric Matthews, Sam Coates, Paul Holman, Mike Kavallierou, Paul Thomson, Russel Hier (@ SONY BMG Commercial Markets [UK]), Nick Oakes (@ EMI Music Publishing UK), Chris Jones (@ EMI Music Publishing UK), Greg Turner (@ Universal Records), Ross Pelling (@ Universal Music Publishing), Theo Seffusatti (@ Warp Records), Paul Lisberg (@ SONY BMG Records), Jimmy Mikaoui (@ Freak 'N See Music), Sophie Delila (@ Freak 'N See Music), Marc Canham (@ Nimrod Productions), Scuta Salamanca (@ Soviet Science), Helga!, Thanks and all that

Loop Information - The music loops:

'Hot Gossip' performed byBlush Mantenna
'Mixed Feelings' performed byAwesome Welles
'Like... Whatever' performed byErasmus, Sande Marinovich (feat.)
Written and produced bySoviet Scient
'Oh Fiesta' performed byBogota Collective
'So Jaded' performed byChayna
'Call Me Baby' performed bySenses
Written and produced by Freak N' See Music
'Shake Things Up' performed byImage 88
'Oversight' performed byMicroland
'Dubya Diamond' performed byKant
Written and produced by Nimrod Productions
'Corkscrew' performed bySwitchshift
'Smackdown' performed bySwitchshift
'Cut Off' performed byPhil Terr
Written and produced by Alastair Lindsay

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (174715)