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Bee Movie Game

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Xbox 360

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Activision Press Release (October 30, 2007):

    Bee Movie(TM) Game and Shrek(R): Ogres and Dronkeys(TM) Now on Store Shelves
    Activision Ships a Pair of DreamWorks Animation-Based Video Game Titles to Retailers Nationwide

    SANTA MONICA, Cal., Oct 30, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The DreamWorks Animation lineup of video games is growing with the announcement that Activision, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: ATVI) Bee Movie(TM) Game and Shrek(R): Ogres and Dronkeys(TM) have shipped and are now available at retail locations nationwide.

    Bee Movie Game is based on the upcoming DreamWorks Animation film, "Bee Movie," from creator Jerry Seinfeld. Bee Movie Game allows players to race, chase, fly and blast their way through the adrenaline-fueled world from the feature film and beyond. As the witty and courageous Barry B. Benson, gamers are propelled on an exciting adventure to save the bees' right to produce honey and keep it for themselves.

    In the Nintendo DS(TM)-exclusive title, Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys, Shrek(R) & Fiona's energetic triplets will appear along side Donkey & Dragon's playful offspring, the dronkeys, and give handheld gamers the chance to train, play and explore with their mischievous new friends on wild adventures throughout the hilarious world of Shrek.

    "This fall, we have again creatively collaborated with DreamWorks Animation to create not one, but two, all-new movie-inspired video game adventures that take fans beyond the feature films," said Kim Salzer, Vice President of Global Brand Management, Activision Publishing. "Both Bee Movie Game and Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys are prime examples of our continued commitment to developing exceptional family entertainment games based on the terrific film properties from DreamWorks Animation."

    Bee Movie Game offers a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience with more than 15 levels, compelling side-quests, amusing multi-player mini-games and a wide variety of never-before-seen content co-created by DreamWorks Animation and Activision exclusively for the game. Built natively for the next-generation consoles, the game brilliantly captures Barry's lighting-fast pace while he navigates the dangerous streets of New York City, races cars through the bustling New Hive City, dodges massive raindrops and engages in aerial dogfights using his "pollinator" gear.

    Bee Movie Game is available now for the Xbox 360(TM) video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo Wii(TM) for a suggested retail price of $49.99, the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system for the suggested retail price of $39.99, the Nintendo DS(TM) for a suggested retail price of $29.99 and the PC version for a suggested retail price of $19.99. The console and PC game have been rated "E" ("Everyone" - mild cartoon violence) and the handheld game has been rated "E" ("Everyone" - comic mischief) by the ESRB.

    Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys is available now on the Nintendo DS for a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is rated "E" ("Everyone" - comic mischief) by the ESRB.

    For more information on Bee Movie Game and to download the demo, please visit For more information on Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys, please visit

    About Activision, Inc.

    Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision, Inc. is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products. Founded in 1979, Activision posted net revenues of $1.5 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2007.

    Activision maintains operations in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan and South Korea. More information about Activision and its products can be found on the company's World Wide Web site, which is located at

    Contributed by Jeanne (75591) on Dec 19, 2010.
    Race, chase, fly, and blast your way through an adrenaline-fuelled world of adventure as the witty and courageous Barry B. Benson. Navigate the hazards and excitement of New Hive City and beyond as you embark on the mission of a lifetime to save the bee's honey in Bee Movieā„¢ Game. Are you fly ... er, bee enough?

    • Driving fun: Drive racecars, scooters, taxicabs, trucks and more.
    • Fly and chase: Fly, hover and dive at high speed through the skies. Chase after cars and dodge traffic through the dangerous streets of New York.
    • Slow down time: Control and slow down time with your amazing bee reflexes!
    • Buzz and pollinate: Buzz around to cause chain reactions to occur. Use your handy Pollinator Gun to blast away dangers.
    • Multiplayer: Compete in cool two-person multiplayer mini-games to see who dominates.
    • Bonus points: Win bonus points with racing, classic arcade and puzzle games!

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (15468) on Sep 05, 2010.