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Beetle Adventure Racing! (Nintendo 64)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

There are no reviews for this game.

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (18 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Despite the minor control problems and bad music, I can’t recommend this game highly enough. If you have an N64, this game will destroy your belief that Triple A titles can only be made by Nintendo itself. Beetle Adventure Racing more than makes up for Rushdown’s failings and is simply one of the best console racers ever made.
Sports Gaming Network
Beetle Adventure Racing manages to balance fun, an acceptable amount of arcade elements, and the basics of a solid if not spectacular sim racer. It is to real racing what NBA Jam was to basketball--but it is much deeper and more engrossing. For those who want to own a competitive racing game, play with the challenge of finding goodies, embrace simplicity and elegance in design and absorbing environments, and have plain old fun, it is a great choice.
המבחר המצומצם של החיפושיות והמסלולים הוא למעשה החיסרון היחיד של המשחק.
This has to be the best racer on the N64. I can't explain how much fun this game is. Sure, it sucks that you only race VWs, but you will get over that very quickly. If arcade style racing games are your bag, you will really enjoy this game. I just hope EA does not wait another two years to release a game.
Aside from Wave Race, this is definitely the best racer on N64 yet. I love this game -- and I have yet to meet anyone who didn't enjoy taking BAR's Bugs for a spin. Beetle Adventure Racing arrives as a breath of fresh air in a genre that hasn't moved forward in years. The tracks are unbelievable, physics are cool and the handling is dead-on. While other racers have problems maintaining a decent framerate while throwing a simple oval track with a few mountains in the background at you, BAR pulls it off with temples, helicopters, waterfalls, ghosts, dragons, and the ability to go anywhere, anytime. Even if you're not into racers, the multiplayer action and the thrill of exploration will grab you instantly. My top pick for Spring '99.
Gaming Age
The bottom line: if you buy only one racing game this year, make sure you pick this one up. I wouldn't "steer" you wrong (sorry, had to use that in the review somewhere!).
The Video Game Critic
Fantastic tracks and plenty of surprises push this excellent racer to the top of the heap! Bettle Adventure Racing's six tracks are not only loaded with power-ups and shortcuts, but the inventive track designs offer beautiful scenery and ample opportunities to catch "big air".
Overall, there is barely a loose gasket or leaky tire in Beetle Adventure. I mean, they could have shortened the really long tracks or given you access to the original Bug (or even Disney’s Love Bug for that matter). All I know is that when I find myself staring at one of those little Beetles on the road, I no longer looking at it as a car. Now, it’s a lean, mean adventure machine. OK, I guess I can’t go that far, but I did find myself wanting to hop in and see if it can go zero to 60 in five seconds. And amazingly enough, I’m even hoping it will end up in EA’s Need For Speed series next year!
Nintendo Life
Beetle Adventure Racing is an anomaly. Due to the license you might expect it to be criminally underdeveloped and released solely to capitalize on the rising popularity of a current trend, but that's not the case. While this Adventure may be infested with Bugs, it’s actually an exceptionally well-made game that just may be one of the most charming racing options on the Nintendo 64. Yes, it’s really that good.
Game Critics
Beetle Adventure Racing is definitely a great game. Sure there is a lack of choice in the vehicles but that was easily forgotten once I played through one level trying to find all the secret paths and hidden icons. Diversions are everywhere and boredom is easily suppressed by the many objectives from each course. Beetle Adventure Racing managed to take me out of the stale racing format and threw me into an exploration game. This is a feat that no one has really pulled off this successfully. Beetle Adventure Racing offers a true playing experience.
Mega Fun
Viele werden sicher sagen, dass Beetle Adventure Racing ein typischer N64-Titel ist. Kaum Tiefgang und grafische Spielereien. Das mag schon so sein, jedoch stößt der Spielspaß von Beetle Advenrure Racing locker in Mario-Kartl-Gefilde vor, obwohl EAs Sprössling eher im Bereich des Einspieler-Modus punktet. Kommen mehr Spieler vor das N64, verändert sich das ganze Spielprinzip, was zwar die Sache erheblich auflockert, es jedoch nicht unbedingt besser macht. Trotzdem weiß Beetle Adventure Racing in fast allen Kriterien uneingeschränkt zu gefallen (sogar bei den Computerfahrern darf man von intelligenten Kontrahenten sprechen) und die abwechslungsreichen Strecken bieten über Wochen hinweg genügend Stoff zum Ausprobieren und Zeitverbessern. Wem es also nichts ausmacht, weder dutzende Autos noch Strecken zu haben, sondern wer nur uneingeschränkten Fahrspaß ohne Schnörkel sucht oder einfach ein Käfer-Fan ist, sollte bei unserem Spiet des Monats zugreifen. Wir gratulieren, EA!
To bring it down to brass tacks, Beetle Adventure Racing is a great deal of fun. It's an excellent game, whatever genre or sub-genre you try to classify it in, and its flaws don't drag it down nearly as much as they might sound. This game is not to be missed, highly recommended, and so on.
Officiel Nintendo Magazine
Bien réalisé, ce jeu pèche par un léger manque d'intérêt et une faible durée de vie.
Nintendo Power Magazine
Beetle manages to out-Rush Rush with an incredibly addictive racer that perfectly balances speed and exploration. There are plenty of racing sims but precious few that do something new. B.A.R.'s closest cousin is probably Donkey Kong Racing....and that's fast company.
Viniendo de Electronic Arts, hubiéramos preferido una conversión de Need For Speed. BAR! es un juego entretenido, bastante duradero, y con una gran sensación de velocidad, pero... Aun tratándose de un coche muy famoso, al juego le falta un poco de carisma.
Total! (Germany)
Paradigm ist mit Beetle Adventure Racing ein Spiel gelungen, das seinem Namen in den meisten Belangen gerecht wird. Als Mankos sind der extrem kleine Bildausschnitt, die relativ geringe Streckenanzahl, der etwas belanglose Soundtrack und der unterm Strich fehlende Charakter echter Racing-Simulationen anzuführen. Im Tausch für die wenigen Strecken bietet BAR allerdings unglaublich weiträumige Areale mit Rundenzeiten von mehr als vier Minuten. Spannung erzeugt der Entwickler durch den Umstand, daß sich das Feld nie ganz abschütteln läßt. Beetle Adventure Racing ist wunderschön anzuschauen, wird Euch mit alldem, was es zu entdecken gibt, auf längere Sicht beschäftigen und ist, ergänzt durch seinen Battle-Modus, auch für Duelle mit mehr als einem Freund geeignet.
Video Games
Kompliment nach Texas und British Columbia: Endlich mal ein N64-Rennspiel, das ohne Nebel und so gut wie ohne störende Pop Ups auskommt - es geht also doch! Paradigms Second-Generation-Grafik-Engine kann aber noch viel mehr: Viele, viele Details am Streckenrand, tolle Reflexionseffekte auf dem Lack, Spiegelungen durch Gegenlicht und klasse Wasserspielchen wären hier als Highlights zu nennen. Leider hat das Sound-Department weniger gut mitgearbeitet. Strunzlangweilige, megakurze Schunkel-Beats werden im Viersekundenrhythmus geloopt. Dazu gesellt sich ein langweilig dahinschnurrender Engine-Sound, der ebenfalls wenig Freude macht. (…) Was unter dem Strich bleibt, ist ein kurzweiliger, leicht zu knackender Fun-Racer mit deutlich weniger Strecken als Diddy und einem spitze Multiplayer-Battle-Mode. Wer sich nicht am Käfer stört, darf unbesehen zugreifen.
Beetle Adventure Racing! to jedna z najlepszych gier wyścigowych wydanych na Nintendo 64. Nie należy do najłatwiejszych, ale daje sporo satysfakcji. Ma bardzo dobry tryb multi, więc i znajomi będą zainteresowani. Dedykuje ją szczególnie do osób którzy uważają że Mario Kart 64 jest zbyt dziecinny. Trzeba jednak pamiętać że gra wymaga Controler Paka do zapisu swoich zdobyczy czy osiągnięć.
Computer and Video Games (CVG)
One of the best designed racing games for the Nintendo, and definitely the most fun. The quality of the graphics and variety of the stages is the prime recommendation. It makes you wish EA would release games for the machine more often