Bejeweled 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Main menu
Overview of the records
The game contains some hints, but you can also disable them.
Forming a match, new gems will appear.
The result of matching a flare gem
A series of cascades for many points
Level complete
The gems fly towards the screen ...
... and disappear into a tunnel towards the next grid.
The result of matching a star gem
A hypercube appears
I swappd the hypercube with a white gem.
Only 25 seconds left in this Speed session

iPad version

Main menu
Classic mode
Lightning mode
Butterflies mode
Diamond mine
Zen mode
Zen effects

iPhone version

Loading screen
Main menu
Ready for a normal game
Diamond mine
More diamond mining!
Main menu version 1.1
Butterfly mode
The spider is hungry, watch out!
Game over. The spider got your butterfly.
A new badge. Great!
Earned badges
Version 1.3 includes lightning mode and redesigns main menu again.
The second part of the main menu as of version 1.3
Lightning mode features initially one minute of game time.
However the game time can be extended when capturing time gems.

J2ME version

Main menu
Loading screen
Board is being arranged
Let's go!
Making a match
A flame gem explodes
Moving on to the next level
No more moves
Lighting mode
Star gem matched
Lots of effects
Time is out
Getting a badge
Butterfly mode

Nintendo DS version

Title screen with main menu.
Selecting Profile.

Windows version

Main menu
Mode menu
Starting out
A flame gem explodes
Level completed
Moving on to the next level
Level 2
A star gem has been matched
Level 3
Game over - no more moves
Making chain reactions
Zen mode has lots of weird options
Earning a badge - this is the game's achievements system
A hypercube removes all gems of a certain colour
Zen mode with mantras turned on
Lighting mode which is timed - time can be increased with time gems
Result of lighting mode
Quest mode menu
Butterflies mode
Gold rush - let's do some mining
Alchemy - by making matches the board turns to gold
Balance - I need to match the same amount blue and red gems
Avalanche - gems fall from the top
Buried treasure - which I have to dig up
Time bombs - don't let them blow
Poker mode
Ice storm - ice moves from the bottom