Bejeweled: Blitz Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

When you first download Blitz, you can you receive the option of a quick tutorial.
Main menu.
Settings options.
In game view.
If your stuck, wait a couple of seconds and a hint will show, unless they've been switched off.
Unlocks unlocked.
Once you've unlocked an extra, you'll be told how to use them.

Browser version

Introduction screen
Here you can buy power-ups
For some reason you can already start playing before it says "GO"
The glowing gems will explode when lined up with two or more others, destroying all surrounding gems
I can now create 5 green gems in a row, this is good
It gave me a grey cube, dragging this to a colour destroys all gems of this color
Kinda like this
A thorough breakdown of my score
Options menu
At the end of a level everything flies away
The encourages you when you make chains
You get a medal for each 25,000 points
Game over
I used my switch powerup to shuffle the board
Hell no!
One more game and my power-ups will be used up
Neat effect

iPad version

Here's the Daily Spin that I have awarded.
I have earned coins at the end of each game after one minute.
I have also earned coins including the rare gem at the end of each game, right?

iPhone version

Loading screen
Main menu, not logged into Facebook.
A new feature: Daily spin. Chance to win extra coins.
Spinning . Hoping to win!
Boosts, a feature that gives advantages in the game. The price is coins that can either be collected in-game or purchased for real money.
Hypercube in action.
Time is running out!

Windows version

Main Menu
Personal Records (with High Score & Badge and Rank)
Buying Boosts (Up to 3)