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WindowsImpulse Gamer (Mar, 2009)
If you are a fan of the series, than this is another game for you and even if you have never played it and would like to “play” something different, than we could happily recommend this strange puzzle game. It’s fun, it’s frustrating and it’s fantastic!
Nintendo DSWorth Playing (Feb 28, 2010)
Once again, Bejeweled Twist proves to everyone that PopCap can make significant changes to its games and still come away with a great puzzle title. The theme may feel like a strange fit, but there's no denying that the addictive nature of the game is present and as infectious as before. Puzzle game fans of all types should have no excuse as to why this title isn't already in their game libraries, and those who may have grown tired of the original's often-copied formula may find themselves loving the new changes in Bejeweled Twist.
Nintendo DSGame Shark (Mar 10, 2010)
Of course, if you’ve already played this game to death, a few new twists may not be enough to warrant a purchase, especially if you have the game on an even more convenient format (like your phone). This is a $20 “budget” game, about as low as retail DS games go, and it’s as flawless as any “match three” puzzler as I’ve played, so it gets my recommendation. Just know your limits – and your tendency towards full-blown addiction.
Nintendo DSThe Review Busters (2010)
Bejeweled Twist is a pretty good puzzle game on the Nintendo DS. Out of all the Bejeweled games this one stands out as the best. It does stink a little that you have to earn the other modes. Even with that tiny problem PopCap Games has done a good effort with this game and nobody should pass it up.
J2MEPocket Gamer UK (May 13, 2009)
Bejeweled Twist inevitably lives in the shadow of its founding game, but its light still shines bright thanks to a surprisingly deep... well, twist to the gameplay mechanics. If you enjoyed the original (and it’s impossible not to) then you’ll find a lot of fun discovering a new way to make gems disappear.
Nintendo DSPocket Gamer UK (Apr 28, 2011)
Bejeweled Twist is a brilliant puzzle game and a smart evolution of the Bejeweled formula. Only a weak multiplayer offering takes the shine off its otherwise gleaming surface.
WindowsThunderbolt Games (Dec 11, 2008)
Still, some people might overlook these kinds of games because they can be played in minimized windows and don’t require powerful computers to run them. The music sounds like a yoga session, and there aren’t even any characters. It’s just pure puzzling with some excellent modes and few other frills. Sometimes that’s all you need. Personally, I’d usually take random gem swapping over dull bad guy shooting. Unless, of course, the bad guy shooting is done really well. That usually isn’t that case though.
75 (Nov 17, 2008)
Ultimately, the burning question: is it worth the £14.99? The answer depends on how much you're a fan of Bejeweled to begin with. If you've never played the series before, the answer is a resounding yes. If you're the kind of person that likes to play games to avoid writing essays, reports and generally being productive, then you'll still love Bejeweled Twist. People who've played Bejeweled to death already and have had their fill of the game might have to think a little harder, though. It's still a beautiful, engaging title; it just might not be enough of a revolution. Because we've all seen it before, it doesn't quite have the sublime whizz of the original. That doesn't mean I can stop playing it, mind you.
Nintendo DSGame Revolution (Mar 05, 2010)
But it could happen, I suppose. Check your wallet! Maybe you fortune has just come true. In any case, Bejeweled Twist is a neat pick-up-and-play variation on Bejeweled and a solid entry for the franchise.
WindowsThe A.V. Club (Nov 17, 2008)
There's certainly more to juggle in Bejeweled Twist, and more than a few ways to play, especially for those looking for a tougher challenge or a high score to beat. Still, it's hard to imagine legions of casual gamers permanently abandoning Bejeweled's tried-and-true simplicity for this shiny new bauble. Nobody really gushes about the many failed, forgotten versions of Tetris we've played all these years. Sometimes a simple set of rules are all a gamer really needs.
WindowsIGN (Nov 06, 2008)
Bejeweled Twist is an entirely playable casual game -- even enjoyable -- but it does not pop in the same way as the original Bejeweled games. The new rotation mechanic slows the game down to a degree. Yes, it adds a strategy element to the game that did not exist in previous editions, but that works against the "instant accessibility" factor that's essential for casual games. If you do stick with the game until the rotation becomes second nature, the amount of content will keep you playing for weeks. But you'll never be frighteningly hooked. You can put the game aside at a moment's notice. And that's a real first for a PopCap game.
Nintendo (Mar 25, 2011)
Schon komisch, dass Nintendos Handheld erst jetzt mit einem Bejeweled-Ableger bedacht wird. Am zeitlosen Spielprinzip hat sich aber auch in der neuen Twist-Variante nicht viel geändert. Nach wie vor gilt es mindesten drei gleichfarbige Steine aneinander zu reihen, um diese aufzulösen. Im Gegensatz zu früher wechseln die Steine ihre Position jedoch nicht mehr durch Platztausch mit Nachbarsteinen, sondern durch Rotation von Vierergruppen - daher auch der Namenszusatz Twist. Das Prinzip kennt man bereits aus anderen Knobelspielen wie Hexic und sorgt daher kaum für Überraschung. Auch das Angebot an Spielmodi ist eher unspektakulär, deckt aber die meisten Spielvorlieben ab. Nur einen Rätselmodus mit vorgefertigten Puzzles sucht man dieses Mal vergebens. Als Ausgleich gibt es aktionsbezogene Herausforderungen sowie einen Duell-Modus für zwei Spieler, die aber leider beide im Besitz des auch via DSi Ware erhältlichen Spiels sein müssen.
Nintendo DSGameSpot (Mar 11, 2010)
Finally, there is a two-player mode to round out this package. This is a competitive version of Classic mode, pitting two players against each other in a race to rack up combos before being overwhelmed by bombs. It's fun, because destroying gems is fun, but there is a severe disconnect between players. It's difficult to know what your opponent is up to, so it feels more like a single-player game peppered with random shouts of happiness or barks of anger rather than an engaging competitive experience. Furthermore, it requires two carts to play, which is pretty extravagant, and is bogged down by a lot of lag. The single-player component is the heart of the game, but Bejeweled Twist isn't at the same level as its prestigious progenitor. The game is hard to put down once you get in a rhythm, but the experience doesn't leave a lasting impression.
Nintendo DSIGN (Feb 09, 2010)
Bejeweled Twist is a decent puzzler for the DS, despite remaining my least favorite entry in the Bejeweled series. It just doesn’t have the immediate pop of previous chapters. I think slowing it down and adding bad luck kills were mistakes. But even then, PopCap’s worst efforts are still considerably better than the best attempts of other casual game makers.
70 (UK) (Nov 21, 2008)
Despite the silly roulette wheel thing, it's still addictive. I've played it for hours. The other night I was sitting opposite someone and I realised instead of listening to what they were saying, I was wondering what would happen if I rotated their facial features clockwise. And yes, I've been going to sleep at night playing the game in my head. These are all signs of a good puzzler. But thanks to that daft roulette wheel, Bejeweled Twist stops just short of being great.
WindowsGameZebo (Oct 29, 2008)
This game will grow on you, push you to continuously beat your score and between all of its game modes offers virtually unlimited replayability. Is it a refreshingly different as Peggle? No. This is Bejeweled folks, just with a new “twist.” Yes, perhaps we expected more after all this time but the PopCap magic is indeed here – it might just take you a while to find it.
WindowsOut Of Eight (Nov 12, 2008)
Some would call the turn-based gameplay strategic, but I would call it boring. The game does look good for a puzzle game, although the lack of 3-D effects during the actual puzzles is questionable. The twisting mechanic increases the sophistication of the product as a whole and it's the next logical step for the franchise, but I found that the innovation wore out its welcome too quickly. I would have expected more special gems and some powers you could save up and use later. Plus, the inability to rotate gems counterclockwise is troubling. Honestly, Saqqarah did this better and with much more variety, so if you are looking for a great match-3 experience with tons of variety, Bejeweled Twist is clearly behind the best in the genre with its seven modes of play. While Bejeweled Twist is a good game, it is not a great game and its repetitive nature will wear on those not utterly entranced by the match-3 puzzle genre.
Nintendo (Mar 17, 2011)
Mit „Bejeweled Twist“ bringt rondomedia eine neues 3-Match-Abenteuer, dass sich in Bezug auf das Spielkonzept und das Handwerkszeug ein klein wenig von den „Jewel Master“- und „Fishdom“-Reihen unterscheidet. Die technische Präsentation ist ebenfalls so einfach gehalten wie bei den beiden genannten Reihen. Somit ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass unter dem Strich auch die gleiche Wertung herauskommt.
Nintendo DSBrash Games (May 08, 2011)
Bejeweled Twist is a decent puzzler that will undoubtedly take up many hours of your time if you give it a chance. As a standalone game it’s a bit of a struggle to recommend Bejeweled Twist to most gamers, but if you’re a fan of the Bejeweled mechanic then this is surely a must have for your collection.