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Beneath a Steel Sky

Beneath a Steel Sky Screenshots

Amiga version

Scene from intro
Helicopter crashed and you escaped
How can i escape now?
Characters expressing himself
Talking with Joey
Work at factory can be dangerous
Beneath elevator shaft
Outside of factory
Linc terminal
Watching through window
Talking to Anita
Oh no, you're busted
Second level
Inside power plant
Inside apartment
That's gallagher working over there
Travel agency

Beneath a Steel Sky Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

Choose a language.
Main control menu.
Intro: Future city.
Intro: The city.
Intro: Crashed copter, now escaping on foot.
Start of the game.
Activated my inventory.
It's a looooong ways down!
There's a lift here.
Hello, can you help me?

Beneath a Steel Sky Screenshots

DOS version

Floppy version title screen
Downed Helicopter
Second Level Elevator
CD-ROM intro: Dave Gibbons illustrates the shaman leading the shantytown in which Foster was raised
Intro: the helicopter jammed, it's headed for a crash on a Union City walkway!
Managing and remarking on inventory items
Characters in this game have a certain UNUSUAL way of EXPRESSING themselves, don't you THINK?
Conversation branches
Quitting from the game over screen
Lamb's apartments
Nuclear reactor
Reactor room
Burke's surgery
Doctor Burke
Swinging across the city.
Computer room
Password room
Mrs.Piermont apartment
Drowning dog
Ventilation shaft
Stored dummy parts
Reactor core
Holographic message
Unstable passage
Locked room
Joey fighting the android.
Liquid hydrogen
Virus locked inside a crystal.
Introduction movie is done as a narrative comic
This smug face is enjoying his work a bit too much
Bird perspective of the Union City
Options screen
Your robotic pal Joey cannot climb the stairs, but can fly instead
Trying to find out about Overman
Joey is enjoying his new chassis
Browsing your inventory
An apartment complex
Searching an apartment
Our hero is wearing a shirt with a teddy bear on it

Beneath a Steel Sky Screenshots

iPhone version

Title Screen for Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered
Featuring new animated cut scenes for the Iphone platform.
They named you after a lager!?
Our main hero Robert Foster and his fallen robot companion Joey.
Escaping from the Helicopter crash, the starting point of the game.
Hiding from the guards.
New game hint and help menu makes this game highly accessible to newcomers of the adventure genre.
That's a long way down.
Getting that pesky elevator to work.
Talking to a worker.
The chat menu.
The furnace room.
Wandering about.
Perusing your inventory.
Security control room.
Talking to a senile old man.

Beneath a Steel Sky Screenshots

Windows version

A shot of our hero, Foster.
There's trouble brewing in the Gap.
Start of the game.
The menu.
Accessing the inventory.
Close call !
I think this building has been passed over for safety inspections one too many times.
Joey seems displeased with his new shell.
Questioning Hobbins.
Officer Reich has got me trapped in the furnace.
But the security camera blasted him in half ! Yuck.
The helicopter wreckage.
Gilbert Lamb, the manager of the pipe factory, talking about his coat.
That's sick !
I think you know the answer.
Joey gets a new shell.
In the power plant.
Out on the catwalk.
On the residential level.
A apartment complex.
Inside Reich's apartment.
At Burke's Bio Surgery.
That must be one disturbing brochure.
A filthy lobby.
At the travel agency.
The doctor has some questionable payment practices.
Anchor Insurance.
How stupid ?
Yup. That stupid.
Inside security headquarters.
Poor Joey.
Talking to Babs in a seedy bar.
I think we know the reason why he doesn't like to take off his coat.
About to enter the reactor.
Anita's hologram message.
Into the subway...
A dangerous passageway.
Crazy Walter the android.
Cyberspace gets trippy !