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Benefactor Screenshots

Amiga version

Run and jump
Factory level
Intro - "The message was picked up by a lone ship"
Intro - "A well known intergalactic hero"
Title screen
Start menu
Disk access screen
"Underworld" level - loading screen
"Underworld" level
End of level
"Tombs of Egypt" level - loading screen
"Tombs of Egypt" level
"The Treetop Rescue" level - loading screen
"The Treetop Rescue" level
"Stones And Bones" level - loading screen
"Stones And Bones" level
"Merry Winterland" level - loading screen
"Merry Winterland" level
"The Techno Treat" level - loading screen
"The Techno Treat" level
"To Hell With Minniat" level - loading screen
"To Hell With Minniat" level
"To Hell With Minniat" level - giant skull

Benefactor Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

A scene from the intro.
Psygnosis logo.
Title screen.
Main menu.
Loading screen.
Starting the first level.
I have to throw the little guy up to that platform.