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Chicken, fight like a robot! Atari 5200 Katakis | カタキス (39516)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 11 3.2
Atari 2600 24 3.6
Atari 5200 6 3.4
Vectrex 6 3.8
Combined User Score 47 3.5

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With the possible exception of quarters and other coins, Atari seems to have a lot of trouble with round things. Take, for example, Pac-Man. He was a sorry excuse for a dot. And Evil Otto, the insanely grinning face that bounces around in Berzerk, is no exception. He is translucent and has a tendency to flicker. But he's the only disappointment in this most recent Atari arcade-to-home conversion. The rest of the game is outstandingly loyal to the arcade game in both graphics and play.
Atari 2600Woodgrain Wonderland (Oct 06, 2016)
Lots of good game variations; you can play with or without Evil Otto and can also adjust for robot lethality and extra life benchmarks. A masterpiece.
Atari 2600The Atari Times (Aug 18, 2003)
This is a common game to find nowadays too, so pick up a copy of it if you don't own one already. Don't be a "chicken" (this is also mentioned in the coin-op original) about it, intrude those flea markets, make your way through their maze of games, and shell out the "coins" that are in your "pocket" (which is also mentioned in the original)! And go Berzerk!
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (May 01, 2001)
Otto may look silly, but he keeps the game moving and creates a sense of urgency. Always a challenge, Berzerk stands the test of time.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Designer Alan McNeil interjected humor into the game by including hilarious voice effects ("Chicken! Fight like a robot!") and clumsy robots that run into walls and shoot one another in the head. Also impressive is Evil Otto, an indestructible smiley-faced creature who bounces onto the scene if the player lingers in a maze for too long. A great game that is immensely challenging and imminently replayable, Berzerk spawned a sequel, 1982's Frenzy.
For those of you who have been waiting years for a faithful adaptation of Berzerk, this is as close as you'll get to the arcades. And even if you're not that much of a Berzerk fan, you may want to get it for the realistic voice; frankly, it left me speechless.
Atari 5200The Video Game Critic (Oct 14, 2000)
Good Lord this game is hard!! For the uninitiated, Berzerk is all about running through a series of mazes while shooting robots and avoiding the diabolical smiley-face named Evil Otto (possibly the first video game boss?). While your first instinct is to be aggressive, patience is often better rewarded as the robots eventually tend to shoot each other or run into the electrified walls. Occasionally you can destroy all of them without even taking a shot. Avoiding one-on-one confrontations is a good idea, because these guys are accurate shots! Even their explosions will kill you, so keep your distance. The control suffers a bit thanks to the Atari 5200 joystick which keeps you moving long after you want to stop. Nifty voice synthesis delivers classic lines such as "Chicken! Fight like a robot!" Berzerk is always a good time, and with 11 levels of difficulty, this has got to be one of the most challenging Atari 5200 games ever.
Berzerk is a classic staple of arcades in the 80s. Being able to play this game today is a treat because it hasn't been released on any of the home consoles.
Atari 2600Atari HQ (2000)
Atari did one of its best arcade-to-home ports with Berzerk, and it's definitely worth a look, if even just as a history lesson.
Atari 2600Le Geek (2012)
While sadly missing the robot speech and diagonal robot fire, this home version is stylish and captures the game well. With rock solid gameplay and various difficulties to suit nearly every skill level, Berzerk is easy to recommend and one of the best arcade conversions on the system.
Atari 2600VideoGame (Jun, 1991)
Você deve achar a saída de um fantástico labirinto eletrificado, no qual encostar nas paredes significa a morte! Além disso, robôs atirarão sem piedade contra você.
Atari 2600Game Freaks 365 (Jul 11, 2008)
Berzerk is one-player only, which is not a really big deal. With twelve game modes, this is a game that has a new challenge for you every time you think you finally have the game figured out, which gives the game a lot of potential to last a reasonably high amount of time. The game is quite common, so it is not too difficult to find or expensive to procure, so I would say there is little reason for you not to consider trying this game if you have not done so already.
Atari Berzerk was a classic arcade favorite that works well despite the 2600's limitations. Still, it has several game variations that make it a good play. It lacks the voice synth of later versions, but all the arcade memories will flood inward as you fight like a robot!
70 (UK) (Oct 25, 2007)
Everything about Berzerk lives up to its namesake, from the rabid robots to Evil Otto’s frantic bouncing and the ridiculous number of levels. This quintessential surrealism makes it almost impossible not to love the game, and any entertainment medium that makes its audience regularly laugh out loud is worth a place in the top 50.
Atari 5200Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Jan 08, 2005)
You probably think about this as much as I do - and feel exactly the same about it - but I just want to go on record as saying that I’m not really looking forward to the day when robots take over the world. I guess that’s the reason why this game scares the living bejeezus out of me, then. I play Berzerk MUCH harder than I would play a game like Defender, for example. I mean, who would believe ALIENS taking over the world? That’s just plain crazy. But each and every game of Berzerk is like a training exercise for me. I’m going to be ready when the robots try to take over. I’m not going down without a fight, you tin creeps! Fortunately for us humans, Berzerk is here for us now. It’s not only a great exercise, it’s also an awful lot of fun to play.
Atari 2600Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Sep 25, 2004)
That aside, Berzerk is definitely one of the best arcade ports for the VCS. However, if you simply have to have the voices, then take heart - a version of Berzerk that features the voices from the arcade, entitled Berzerk Voice Enhanced, was created by Mike Mika and released for the VCS in 2002. He also reworked the game so it more closely resembles the original arcade game.
Atari 2600Tilt (Jan, 1983)
Beaucoup de variantes et beaucoup de niveaux de difficulté dans cette cassette affreuse, qu'on a pourtant beaucoup de mal à quitter. Stressant.
VectrexRetro Game Reviews (Sep 21, 2015)
Berzerk is an enjoyable shooter but this port has some shortcomings in its gameplay and technical design. When things work properly it plays well but eventually you will encounter one of its many bugs and leave feeling frustrated that it wasn't polished a little bit further.
VectrexTeleMatch (Jul, 1983)
ATARI-Freunde werden aufhorchen, aber es ist so: VECTREX-Berzerk entspricht voll und ganz der ATARI-VCS-Fassung. Sollte ich abwägen, so wäre ich geneigt das VECTREX-Spiel leicht zu favorisieren.
VectrexThe Video Game Critic (Sep 02, 2001)
What happened here? Blasting killer robots has never been so dull! Berzerk is an old favorite of mine, and I especially enjoy the Atari 2600 version. But this translation is sluggish and downright laborious to play. Even your character looks sloppy. The enemy robots have their trademark rotating eyes, but they look more like octopi. The robot explosions are the best aspect of the game. Berzerk plays basically like the arcade game, but lacks the excitement. Your man moves slowly, and the robots don't seem very interested. The graphics are subject to intense slow-down and flicker when several enemies are on the screen. In addition, there's a weird bug that can result in some outrageously high scores. I'll pass on this one.