Best of Mega Games Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The main menu, on the left one icon closes the application and the other shows the publisher's address. The cross on the right doesn't seem to do anything and the coloured icon opens the icon painter
Arcade Games Menu 1
Arcade Games Menu 2
Arcade Games Menu 3
Arcade Games Menu 4
Arcade Games Menu 5
Arcade Games Menu 6
Arcade Games Menu 7
Casino & Card games menu
Logic & Board games menu 1
Logic & Board games menu 2
The icon painter is accessed via a button on the main menu. It is mouse controlled
The Game Index on the main menu shows the player where each game is stored so that the correct folder can be copied to their system
Killer Bees is a simple unattributed game. The player has to swat bees with a mouse-click to keep the man alive
Runaway, Arcade Games 5, is a point and click adventure. The game is a demo version of a game that, at the time, had not been completed and has not been located
Runaway, which may not have been completed, used a mixture of photo realistic and cartoon graphics. It is a point and click adventure where the player helps the chimp escape to Africa