Betrayer (Windows)

Betrayer Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Start of the game, you see your ship in the distance.
You'll encounter lots of trees, so every structure becomes a point of interest.
Chests hold different types of loot. Some are also hidden in nature.
You meet the Maiden in Red for the first time.
At the shop
The area map for an early section in the game. It shows your current location and the symbols can be clicked to fast travel.
Many villages have these ash figures.
Looking at a fort with full colour.
Conversation with the Maiden in Red
In the other world, talking to a shadow.
Overview of the notes you take on the people you meet.
The environment is large and you'll do plenty of walking.
An enemy charges.
A small settlement has been cleared.
Restore health and fill your flask at water barrels.
Walk slowly as it is very hard to spot enemies at times.
Another fort, now holding a musket as a ranged weapon.
The thieves in the other world are very hard to defeat.
Sneaking up on an enemy in the distance.
Near a lake, with limited color saturation
Once the corruption has been removed, you can move on to a new area through gates such as this one.
Crouching behind a fallen enemies to spot the others.
Sneaking up on a small cottage.
You can hardly see them, but this growth spreads a poisonous mist if you get too close.
Clearing a village of enemies to claim it as a destination.
Looking up the sky in the dark world.
Conversation with a wraith
You'll be glad when you finally find this item.
Observing a village from a lookout spot.
Arrows can be picked up again.
A hanging took place here.
An ash creature attacks.
Piece the story together by locating these scraps of paper.
The corrupted idols
One of the final forts
I just took down this giant spider.
Read inscriptions on graves and signs.
A gruesome scene
Now, this is what I call "creepy".
Finally, a way out the dark forest.
If you thought the forest was creepy, just wait until you get to the village.