Advertising Blurbs – Wii Virtual Console (US):
    Beyond Oasis
    As the young Prince Ali, you are in a desperate fight to defeat the evil that has returned to your island empire, Oasis. Long ago, a war raged between a wicked sorcerer, who used a silver "armlet" to unleash destruction on the island, and a wizard who defied him with a gold armlet that could summon four powerful spirits. Both armlets had been lost until recently when someone unearthed the silver band and began using it for their evil gain. You must find the precious gold armlet and finally have the power to combat the wearer of the silver band…but is it already too late?

    Original Release: 1995
    Wii Release: 3/19/07
    ESRB: E - Animated Violence

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5113) on Apr 05, 2007.

Magazine ad:
    Blob out! Make short order of bilious blobs and evil trolls with prince Ali's weapons, punches and kicks - or dig deeper to discover HIDDEN SECRET MOVES - a SEGA first!

    Rock on! You'll need more than sticks and stones to battle the Rock Boss. Count on the four wild spirits to back you up - especially the superhot Efreet the Fire Spirit!

    Fire up! Wrap your brain around mind-boggling puzzles that lead to close encounters of the fire-breathing kind - then save up to 4 games with battery back-up!


    Contributed by Sciere (506105) on Mar 01, 2004.