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Beyond the Tesseract

Beyond the Tesseract DOS Opening screen


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Atari ST
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Early (1983) TRS-80 BASIC text adventure game, the middle in a forgotten trilogy (sandwiched between "Project Triad" and "Codename Intrepid"), remembered for its no-holds-barred approach to math and logic concepts informing game settings and puzzles: in one section, sparking a genre cliche, one has to play a text adventure game inside the text adventure game; in another, one falls asleep and in a dream constructs a proof utilising physical representations of various components of symbolic logic; additional game areas are accessed by pushing and popping the stack, objects extruded from 2 to 3 dimensions by _y_ing them.

The supporting documentation understates when it claims the scenario for the adventure is meant to be vague -- searching for a 12-word code phrase (unlocked in chunks upon completion of certain puzzles) is just an excuse for sending an unwary player through an alien and abstract setting two words at a time (using VERB NOUN gameplay with a vocabulary of about 200).

Later (1988) versions of this game were ported in C to Solaris, Atari ST and MS-DOS environments; more recently, in December 2003, Andrew Plotkin ported it to the interactive fiction standard of machine-independent Z-code.


Beyond the Tesseract DOS Intro screen (Z-code port)
Beyond the Tesseract DOS Pushing the stack to access different portions of the map (Z-code port).
Beyond the Tesseract DOS Introduction
Beyond the Tesseract Atari ST Starting location and some typically mind-boggling navigational options

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SPAG DOS Jul 26, 1995 5 out of 10 50


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How many games include a recommended reading list? In the game documentation, David Lo states The following books and reference works were used at one time or another as a source of information and/or inspiration:
  • The Beauty of Fractals.
  • The Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought.
  • The Fractal Geometry of Nature.
  • Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.
  • The Heritage Illustrated Dictionary Of the English Language.
  • Mathematics: The New Golden Age.
  • The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary, Encyclopedic Edition.
  • The Penguin Dictionary of Science, Fifth Edition.
  • Roget's International Thesaurus.
  • The Science of Fractal Images.
  • The VNR Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics.
  • The World of M.C. Escher.

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