Cancelled Game Boy port

A Game Boy port was planned and created but never released. It was referenced in the instructions in lines like "From the red (dark shade on Game Boy) monkey comes fruit." and "From the yellow (light shade on Game Boy) monkey comes coconuts."


The original release had a glitch in the Noah’s Ark game which prevented the user from obtaining all of the necessary creatures to complete the game.

Nintendo license

Before the Entertainment Software Ratings Board was used, Nintendo had very detailed rules about what sort of content, images and/or references were not allowed on any game sold for their system. Religious and political themes were generally banned. This is why the game had to be released without the Nintendo Seal of Quality. Also, the reason was that Color Dreams never got a Nintendo license, perhaps to try to save money. As such, they could never submit their games for approval, even those that met the censorship criteria. As such, Nintendo scared away most retailers. When they started up, then changed to, Wisdom Tree, they were able to then sell through religious book stores and other religious places. While Nintendo fought hard to stop Color Dreams, they never tried to stop Wisdom Tree, perhaps because of fear of reprisals.


Since religiously themed games was something new at the time of Bible Adventures' release, the company behind it created small video presentations which they sent out to Christian stores in order to promote the idea. In the videos they showed footage of the game and stated, among other things, that "this game promotes bible literacy and teaches children about the bible while they play a fun and exciting Super Mario Bros. style video game". The promotion campaign was deemed a success.


At least three variants are known to exist: version 1.2, in blue cartridge case; and versions 1.3 and 1.4 in black cartridge cases.

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