User Review Spotlight: An in-depth review of Superman (N64), which has a reputation for being one of the worst games ever made.


Biff Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Biff Amstrad CPC Loading screen

Loading screen

Biff Amstrad CPC Options.


Biff Amstrad CPC Start of the game.

Start of the game.

Biff Amstrad CPC Pliers to collect.

Pliers to collect.

Biff Amstrad CPC Outside your house.

Outside your house.

Biff Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Biff Commodore 64 Title Screen.

Title Screen.

Biff Commodore 64 Lets be nice for Mother.

Lets be nice for Mother.

Biff Commodore 64 Looks like a torch.

Looks like a torch.

Biff Commodore 64 Dare you enter?

Dare you enter?

Biff Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Biff ZX Spectrum Loading screen

Loading screen

Biff ZX Spectrum Title and main menu

Title and main menu

Biff ZX Spectrum Starting the game

Starting the game