Big Run Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen #1
Sales Curve logo
Credits screen
Title screen #2
First stage
Race starts
Stopped by bridge pole
Finished first stage
Game Over
Each stage has one check point
Car is smoking
Water ahead
Driving at maximum speed
Final stage begins
Driving uphill
The End
Top three drivers
Distance driven
High Scores

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Start Run.
Taking a bend.
Leaving the town.
Sharp bend ahead.
In the desert.
Too much for that car.
Crossing a river.
Game Over.
Map of the route.

Atari ST version

Sales Curve Storm logo
Title screen
Credits screen
First stage on the map
Lined up to start
Approaching water
Stopped by large rock!
Driving uphill
The finish line!
Overtaking on a corner
Hazards to avoid on this track section
Up a hill
Crashed into the side next to the water
Out of time
After finishing the section
Game over
How far I got
High score input
As in any typical arcade game, you have continues
Rocks split the road OutRun-style here