Bill Walsh College Football Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Controller setup
Announcer booth
Scores of other games that are playing.
The Walsh report
Team match-ups
The coin toss
Receive, kick, or choose which side to defend.
Kick off
How many yards a play netted.
Pick a play.
On defense
Incomplete pass
Replay mode
There is also a reverse replay mode.
Drive summary
Game statistics
Players on the field celebrate after a sack.
First down
A cheerleader showing a little bit more then just school spirit.
The current score
Spiking the ball after scoring a touchdown.
The final score
All-time playoffs
Playing in snow.

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Main menu
Video menu
Watching a video
Loading screen
Game setup
Choose which side to play
The match is about to begin
I won the coin toss
Selections, selections, selections
Time for kick off
Game on
You will see this kind of messages often
Strategy selection
Pause menu
Drive summary
Now it's very close
The ball is in the air
Incomplete pass
Hmm, which one should I aim at
The score so far
Pass interference
Game stats

SNES version

Title screen
Main menu
Controller setup
Team match-up
Coin toss
Kick or receive.
Announcer's booth
Pre-game options
Kick off
Returning the kick.
The game tells how many yards were gained.
Pick a play.
On defense
Players are referred to as just a number.
The field rotates when the ball switches possession.
Receivers in window boxes
Fans cheering.
Kicking a field goal.
Ball is up in the air
Game paused screen
Ref calls a penalty.
Replay mode
Drive summary
Game stats
Halftime show
Final score
Password screen
Playoff game match-ups
Playoffs chart
The trophy
All time playoffs
Week 1 games
Team schedule