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Bio Hazard Battle

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 1 5.0
Genesis 11 3.4
Wii Awaiting 1 votes...
Windows Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined User Score 12 3.5

Critic Reviews

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GenesisPlayer One
Et puis bien sûr, nous retrouvons les éternels boss de fin de niveau, qui ne sont pas ce qu'il y a de plus impressionnant dans le jeu, mais qui assurent tout à fait leur rôle sans dépareiller avec le reste du soft. Avec des graphismes assez sublimes qui reflètent bien cette ambiance << bio >> originale, une animation sans reproche (des scrolls différentiels très propres, seulement quelques raentissements quand on joue à deux) et une bande musicale très techno, sans oublier une jouabilité toute proche de la perfection, Bio Hazard Battle dispose de tous les ingrédients pour devenir LE shoot 'em up de la Megadrive...
GenesisGamePro (US)
It's major thumb blister time! Bio-Hazard Battle is one of the best shoot-em-ups to come flying into the Genesis in awhile. The graphics are stunning, and the action's cunning. Even the sound is big league stuff. Missing out on Bio-Hazard will be a major disaster.
Un grande shooter. Crying emerge dalla massa grazie alla particolare ambientazione e al profondo spirito innovatore. Non si tratta di un gioco per tutti, ma gli appassionati di questo genere sapranno sicuramente apprezzarlo.
And victory you will crave, for Bio-Hazard Battle succeeds where many other have failed; it breathes innovation into a crumbling genre. What makes the game even more special is that the gimmick it relies on never burdens the game, but instead serves only to highlight that within lies everything you can expect from a competent shooter: you scroll, you shoot, and you dodge. It's happy to give you all that, and then it smugly offers you even more.
GenesisGameFan Magazine
Another great Sega shooter. Okay, so you say you're tired of shooters. Take my word for it, Bio Hazard is worth checking out, I guarantee there's stuff here you've never seen before. Third generation all the way!
GenesisMean Machines
Rock hard blasting action that's well worth buying.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Biohazard Battle is an underrated shooter with some of the freakiest, slimiest creatures you've ever seen in a video game. Slick animation gives the illusion of slithering, moist, living organisms. Some of these things look like giant sperm, and there are plenty of twisting, contorting centipede-type creatures. The ominous, weird music is effective; it sounds like a cheap sci-fi flick and still resonates in my head. Each of the four ships has unique weapons and a "power star" that serves as a shield. Each weapon has three levels of intensity. Part of the strategy is not only picking up the weapons you want, but avoiding the ones you don't! You can charge any weapon for a few seconds to release a major blast. If Biohazard Battle has a fault, it's that your ship and its power star take up too much real estate, making it difficult to maneuver and aim at the same time. But this is still a quality title, and one of the few Genesis shooters to support two-player simultaneous action.
Bio Hazard Battle ne réinvente pas le canon à plasma, mais ce qu'il fait, il le fait très bien. Sega offre à sa Mega Drive un shoot'em up différent des autres en termes d'ambiance, avec en prime un équilibre entre accessibilité et challenge idéal pour découvrir le genre, en solo ou pour une fois en coopération. La partie graphique est parfois en dessous du reste, mais sans que cela n'entame le souci du détail qui a été porté à l'atmosphère du titre, sans cesse relancée par de petits changements de scrolling, et poussée jusqu'à avoir mis des sprites différents pour le tir principal de chacun des quatre bio-vaisseaux, par exemple. Autant vous dire tout simplement que lorsqu'on a affaire à un shoot de cette qualité, on s'assoit sur ses quelques réserves et au bord de son siège, prêt à lâcher la stéréo de la dame en noir pour se perdre dans un monde étrange.
GenesisASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Technisch ist Bio Hazard Battle zwar nicht gerade der große Knaller, dafür gibt es viel zu sehen. Reihenweise wunderschöner Bösewichter: Vom Riesen-Blutegel über Monsteramöben bis hin zur überdimensionalen Horror-Krabbe. Eine grafisch überdurchschnittliche Ballerei.
If you like shoot-'em-ups, Bio-Hazard Battle is worth checking out. It's a good alternative to Gradius and R-Type, it offers the rarely seen two-player option, and the quirky visuals and challenging stages further justify the 800 Wii points ($8) that it costs to download.
WiiEurogamer.net (UK)
Think of it as David Cronenberg's R-Type and you'll be within spitting distance of understanding what the flipping crikey is going on.
GenesisVideo Games
Igitt! Die Grafiker haben so viel ekliges Viehzeug ins Spiel gepackt, daß ich das Modul nur anfasse, wenn Mückenklatsche und Insektenspray zur Hand sind. Die neueste Sega-Ballerei zeigt, daß es nicht immer die ewig gleichen Alienformationen sein müssen. Dutzende von innovativen Ekelattacken in Form von Schleimwürmern und schwabbeligen Quallen fordern Augen und Reaktion. Ein nettes Extrawaffensystem, einfallsreiche Gegner und der löbliche Zwei-Spieler-Modus kaschieren die kleinen technischen Schwächen aber nicht: Spielt Ihr allein, ist das dezente Ruckeln kaum zu bemerken, zu zweit nervt Sprilegeflacker, vor allem bei voller Bewaffnung. Trotzdem steht Bio Hazard Battle weit über dem Genredurchschnitt und kann selbst hartgesottene Bildschirmpiloten überzeugen.
For its unusual appearance, the game is worth your money. It's pleasing to the senses, and it does create a mild spooking atmosphere. Like the average Taoplan shooter, it's the type of standard shooter you somehow just can't get enough of and can get quite difficult, though remaining quite forgiving. It certainly isn't the greatness Thunder Force IV is, and neither worth the price range Thunder Force IV is going for at the moment. For a modest price though, it's too interesting a curiosity to leave.
GenesisPower Play
Bevor man sich eine Hintergrundstory aus den Fingern saugt, sollte man besser ganz auf die Ballerlegimation verzichten. Bio Hazard Battle lebt von der Grafik: matschige Gegner, schleimige Obermotze und saftige Hintergrundbilder bringen die biologische Endzeitstimmung gut rüber. Als passende akustische Unterstützung rattern eine Menge sauber digitalisierter Samples aus dem Lautsprecher. Die musikalischen Klänge sind themenbezogen dumpf. Gags wie die Änderung der Scrollgeschwindigkeit während des Fluges oder das Extrawaffensystem täuschen nicht über Fehler hinweg. Ballerfreaks dürfen sich die Actionorgie ohne spielerische Glanzpunkte dennoch zulegen.
GenesisDefunct Games
Insects, bugs and flying meatball sperm? Yeah, Bio-Hazard Battle is that kind of 2D shoot-em-up. Sure it suffers from a lot of the cliches of the genre, but that doesn't stop this Sega shmup from being a well-designed game. Shooter fans will enjoy the unique enemy and everybody else will dance around to the catchy tunes.
WiiNintendo Life
For fans of the shoot-em-up genre, Bio-Hazard Battle represents a solid purchase. It's a little underwhelming at times and the unusual visuals won't be to everyone's taste but it is a decent enough blaster with some interesting ideas. There are arguably better choices on the Megadrive such as Hellfire, Gynoug, Zero Wing, Aero Blasters and Steel Empire but if you can't wait for any of those to arrive on the Virtual Console you could do a lot worse than download Bio-Hazard Battle; just don't go expecting a triple A classic.
Bio-Hazard Battle könnte Importfans unter dem Titel Crying ein Begriff sein. Kurz vor dem West-Release hat Sega dann aber wohl festgestellt, dass der horizontal scrollende Shooter mit seinen organisch-ekligen Feinden alles andere als “zum Heulen” ist. Im Gegenteil: Das Ganze ist sogar durchweg solide gestaltet, geht gegen die TurboGrafx-16- und Super Nintendo-Konkurrenz aber letzten Endes doch ein bisschen unter. Freunde exotischer Ballerspiele machen hier trotzdem sicher nichts falsch. Allerdings musste ich beim Spielen die ganze Zeit daran denken, dass ich lieber Gynoug zocken würde. Hm… ich hoffe, Nintendo liest mit...
WiiThe Virtual Console Archive
For fans of the shoot-em-up genre this would be a good choice. It is a little underwhelming at times but it is a solid blaster. There are better choices on the Megadrive such as Hellfire, Gynoug, Zero Wing, Aero Blasters and Steel Empire but if you can't wait for any of those to arrive on the Virtual Console you could do a lot worse than Bio-Hazard battle.
It isn’t all that surprising that upon its initial release in 1992 the game saw very little in the way of wide attention or critical acclaim. The gameplay is rather generic and uninspired and doesn’t offer anything new to the genre. Even with a second player the game gets boring far too quickly, and is a most disappointing Virtual Console release. The notion that Nintendo wants 800 of your hard earned Wii points is laughable. Avoid this one at all costs – if you want a true side scrolling shoot ‘em up, go with ol’ faithful: R Type III…it’ll cost you the same, and last you far longer.