Bio-Ship Paladin Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
First Wave.
Keep blasting.
A power-up to collect.
Towers to destroy.
Blast that rock.
Using a power-up.
Destroying the big ships.
Two snakes to destroy.
Blast a path through.
Roun 2 start
Flight over jungle
Next type of enemies
Enemy ship
Like a swarm

Genesis version

Title screen
Configuration menu
Stage 1 is about to begin
Starting out
Shooting an enemy
A whole fleet of ships are up ahead
The bonus weapon is helping out in hitting the enemies
A life power up
The ship grows bigger when the life power up is picked up
While controlling the aiming cursor, the players ship stays in place
The boss ship of stage 1
Stage 2
Screens can get pretty crowded
Continue screen
Game over
A 2 player game where both ships are on screen at the same time
In this version of the 2 player game, one player controls the ship while the other controls the aiming cursor