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Bionic Commando

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Atari ST
ZX Spectrum

User Reviews

It's amazing what you can do with a bionic arm Amiga *Katakis* (37806)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 6 3.4
Amstrad CPC 4 2.8
Arcade 4 2.8
Atari ST 4 3.9
Commodore 64 7 3.1
DOS 4 3.1
ZX Spectrum 5 3.2
Combined MobyScore 34 3.2

The Press Says

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ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK)
In both versions, gameplay is very similar, with the ST hardest because attacks by guards, birds and other foes are constant. The speed with which the commando moves on the Spectrum (much quicker than on the Commodore) is a definitely benefit, resulting in an easier game to play but no less difficult to master.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK)
Despite its atrocious poster, Bionic Commandos should prove to be GO!'s first major hit. The music is brilliant and adds immeasurably to the fun of playing, while the graphics are varied and effective. Gameplay owes a lot to platform-and-ladders, but the bionic arm feature adds enormously to the enjoyment and helps make this a top-notch conversion.
ZX SpectrumACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
[Retest] As yet there aren't any clones but you can bet someone will be working on one.
Commodore 64ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
As yet there aren't any clones but you can bet someone will be working on one.
Commodore 64ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Quite simply, Bionic Commandos offers you the freedom to explore and work out your own tactics - and that's a breath of fresh air in the world of today's coin-op conversions.
ZX SpectrumACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The graphics are obviously not as hot, but what they lose in terms of colour is made up for a bit in detail. The enemy have, if anything, become more difficult to deal with - making the game tougher. However, it has lost some of the immediate appeal that the C64 version had.
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Although Bionic Commando is essentially a platform game, it has enough neat touches to make it worthwhile. The extending arm is a brilliant idea which has been beautifully implemented; it really feels good, and swinging across gaps in the landscape is great fun. The action is frenetic throughout, with all manner of hazards to keep you on your toes.
Atari STAtari ST User
Bionic Commando is a worthy enough game, but suffers from dodgy playability and all too often unavoidable death. Recommended only if you fancy a pretty stiff challenge with loads of scenery.
Commodore 64Power Play
Wer sich von der etwas schlichten Grafik (ent)täuschen läßt und Bionic Commandos links liegen läßt. dem entgeht ein tolles Spiel. Die Idee mit dem Bionic-Arm ist stark und gibt der alten Idee vom Plattform-Schieß-Spiel gleich eine ganz neue Dimension.
Atari STST Action
I found Bionic Commando rather Ghost'n'Goblinesque. The graphics, while being somewhat small, were detailed and well drawn. Controlling the commando became a little tiresome, especially when the little fellow's bionic arm failed to hit its mark. The constant tune, despite being quite catchy, soon forced me to decrease my monitor's volume setting. Bionic Commando will undoubtedly help enhance Go!'s reputation, although I wasn't overly impressed.
Atari STST Format
Bionic Commando is a fairly original arcade game featuring a chap with a telescopic arm - this looks a bit dated and primitive now.
Atari STHappy Computer
Die Atari ST-Version ist technischer Hinsicht prächtig gelungen. Die detaillierte, farbenfrohe Grafik ist so gut, daß man das merkwürdige (aber wenigstens schnelle) Pseudo-Scrolling verzeiht. Die knackigen Musikstücke begleiten das Spielgeschehen hervorragend. Leider wimmelt es hier nur so von Stellen, an denen man viel Glück braucht, um ohne den Verlust eines Lebens weiterzukommen. Dieser Umstand macht aus dem genervten Spieler rasch eine wutschnaubende Bestie und ruiniert eine sonst sehr gute Version. Es spricht für die gute Spielidee von Bionic Commado, daß man trotz dieser Ungerechtigkeiten immer wieder zur ST-Version zurückkehrt.
Amstrad CPCPower Play
Die CPC-Adaption ist spielerisch ganz gut gelungen. Die ersten paar Levels sind ohne weiteres zu schaffen und es geht wesentlich fairer zu als beim Atari ST. Die technische Ausführung läßt aber sehr zu wünschen übrig und bremst den Spielwitz erheblich. Auf Musik wurde ganz verzichtet und die farblose Grafik wurde offensichtlich vom Spectrum rübergezogen. Schade, daß sich die Programmierer nicht mehr Mühe gegeben haben. In dieser nicht sonderlich attraktiven Form ist die CPC-Version nur Mittelmaß.
Amstrad CPCAmstrad Action
There have been games in the past looking distinctly like a straight port from another Z80 based computer that shall remain nameless. This one in particular looks terrible. Graphics like this should have died out years ago and the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired too.
AmigaComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Bleeeurgh! What a pile of old tosh this is - poorly drawn sprites sliding around a really jerky screen, absolutely miles away from the excellent arcade machine. Even ardent fans of the coin-op would be disappointed with this cruddy ST port-over, so leave it well alone (unless you're three tins short of a six-pack).