Bit.Trip Beat Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Title screen
Flying through space
Ready to start!
Starting off
Bounce the balls back to score points
These lines appear at points as you get further into the stage
When you keep scoring points, you'll enter "MEGA" mode
Things get more difficult to see while in MEGA mode to make staying in it tougher

Windows version

Main menu
Introduction to the first world
Basically you just bounce back balls, but it's a lot harder than it looks.
A sequence has been completed.
Balls with different speed and going to different directions.
Keep steady to return the blue wave.
Be a horrible mess like me and you'll default to the slow monochrome mode... last chance!
A boss approaches
The first boss launches bits of himself.
First world completed
Introduction to the second world with Commander Video
There is a giant planet in the background, as if it isn't distracting enough already.
Bounce back white cubes to start mini-challenges.
My eyes!
The second boss is pretty much Arkanoid.
Preparing for the third world
This just isn't fair.
The game has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to deceive you. Experiment a bit and you'll soon discover the sequence.
Trees blooming in the background
A new boss approaches
It's Pong, but I'm at an disadvantage here.
High Scores screen
Game Over