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WiiThe A.V. Club (Nov 22, 2010)
The fifth and penultimate entry in the Bit.Trip series combines Atari-level game complexity with acid-tinged visuals. Fate is an unforgiving shmup that intriguingly turns the genre on its ear by forcing players to stay on rails. You can move left and right—slowly—as much you please, but movement along the vertical axis is mandated by a static sine wave. Of course, this raises the risk of collision, but it also somehow allows you to completely take your eyes off hero Commander Video and stay focused on the enormous pixel-bullets coming your way from the right side of the screen. When you blast enemies, they turn into power-ups that crop up along your flight path. Dedicated players will eventually develop an ability to play cross-eyed, darting back and forth to grab rewards without taking any hits. Don’t be fooled by Minusbaby’s soothing chiptune soundtrack: Fate is much more frantic than its modest graphics might suggest…
80 (Dec 08, 2010)
Les développeurs de Gaijin Entertainment frappent une nouvelle fois très fort avec le cinquième opus de la série Bit. Trip. Fate est en effet un shoot'em up original qui mérite le détour pour son ambiance et son gameplay. Il ne nous reste plus qu'à croiser les doigts en espérant que le sixième et dernier opus de cette série soit du même acabit que ses aînés.
60 (UK) (Nov 26, 2010)
One day, Gaijin Games might make it possible for mortals to play its games, but until then Fate is one you're probably best off spectating rather than getting smashed up by.