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Bit.Trip Presents... Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Bit.Trip Presents... Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Commander Video and his friends in the introduction video
Main menu
Introduction sequence for the first world
A familiar running sequence
Passing on top of an airplane
Level completion screen. You also get to compare scores with Steam friends.
Sliding under some fireballs
The classic platform game you can unlock by picking up a famicart in some of the levels.
Level map for the first world
Passing a checkpoint.
Diving down.
Arrows show the directions for branching paths.
A new playable character has been unlocked.
These loops are a new addition for the series.
Boss fight for the first world
World map
A checkpoint in the second world
Levels can be revisited for additional routes. Here for instance, you first need to unlock the keys elsewhere before you can pick them up here.
Character selection screen. Chests in levels provide additional costumes.
Commandgirl Video diving down.
Collect all gold in a single level and you get to shoot the characters from a cannon for additional points.
Another type of new loop with four timing points.
Sliding in the third game world.
This platform (to the extreme left) will speed the character immensely
Beat the Key Vault stage to unlock the keys in the corresponding game world
World 3 boss
Stage 4 features some sad mountains
The fourth world has a lot of lava.
Selecting a path: split-second decision
The giant propellers will lift the characters to a higher level
The fifth and final world has a futuristic cube design.
World 5 is all cubic
The background does a good job of distracting the player from the action
It seems harder to hit the cubic bulls-eye
World 5 culminates in an atypical run from right to left