Bit.Trip Runner Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Commander Video arrives in the first world: Impetus
Possible actions are introduced visually.
Approaching an obstacle: jump!
Level result
You access retro challenges by completing levels where you collect all gold bars.
Sliding under a large monster
The only way to get past crystals is by kicking them.
The boss of the first world
Introducing the second world
The second world has a lot of animation in the background that can distract you.
Jumping on platforms
You need to kick these down.
Sliding under a lantern in a mine tunnel.
The boss of the second world
Introducing the third world
A new action is available in the third world: blocking, similar to what you do in Bit.Trip.Beat.
The end of a level
The final battle is on the rooftops
You get unlimited lives, but you still may be unfortunate enough to get a Game Over (and a corresponding achievement)
Commander Video finds his love