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The Black Cauldron
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])

The Black Cauldron is an 3-D adventure game for children, based more or less on the movie of the same name. The game has you controlling Taran, whose mission is to deliver the visionary pig, Hen Wen, to safety and destroy the black cauldron.

The game is similar in style with other Sierra games of its time, but rather than typing commands at a prompt. Most often, you will perform actions using only two commands: DO and USE. The DO command allows you to perform an action on screen (take items, talk to characters, press buttons, flip switches, etc.) The USE command is to use something in your inventory with something on the screen, but you have to select that object using the game's HIGHLIGHT command.

There are alternate solutions to puzzles, and can be done if you want to take a different path than that of the actual movie.

After the short introduction to the game, you start outside a cottage of Dallben in Prydain. There is a goose walking about. Go west then north. Look in the hole in the tree, and get the lute inside. Return to the cottage and open the door. This is a cozy one-room cottage. Dallben is sitting at his desk. Go over and talk to him. He tells Taran that it is time to feed Hen Wen. Hen Wen's feed is the pot of gruel cooking in the fireplace. Take it and open the cupboard next to the fireplace. Take the four items inside and leave. Now, use the water flask with the water from the trough and go east to arrive at the pig pen. Go over to Hen Wen's highlight and feed Hen Wen the gruel.

Alternate Solution:

Instead of feeding the gruel to Hen Wen, get the corn in the shed and use it to feed her.

Hen Wen feeds from the pot, then takes off. Follow her into the cottage. Using her magical powers, Hen Wen tells you that the Horned King is looking for her; and if she is captured, he could use her to find out the whereabouts of the Black Cauldron. You must lead her to safety. After Dallben gives you a coiled rope, leave. Go east and south.


From here on out, the gwythaints will fly across this screen occasionally and will capture Hen Wen if they see her, like they do in the film. To avoid this, stay close to the edge of the screen; and if they do appear, you'll have a chance to leave it then come back.


During the game, you will get messages that your throat is dry or you are hungry. Drink the water from your flask but remember to fill the flask from a water source (like a river). If you are hungry, just eat any of the food from your inventory.

You are standing near the bridge. Look under the bridge and then take the wallet. Look inside the wallet to find out that it is filled with food. Go south and west. A strange creature called Gurgi may appear and ask for some “munchings and crunchings”. You may give him the apple if you wish. Go west to reach the brambles. Here, walk behind the green bush to reach a strange underground house. Open the door and enter.


If Hen Wen is still with you, Gwystyl will appear and will take Hen Wen through the underground passage to the north, where she will be safe from danger. He also gives you Dallben's message, which is the magic word you need later in the game. If Hen Wen is not with you, however, you can still save her later in the game, by taking a different path that reflects what happens in the film.

Go up to the cupboard next to the underground passage, open it, and get the cookie. Leave the house and go north to the river, then go west to Morva Marsh, a dangerous swamp. There are two trees with scary faces on them. The one on the right has a note attached to it by a dagger. Read the note to discover that it is a No Trespassing sign. Get the dagger and head south from here. Go west and then north to the base of Eagle Mountains, where there are large rocks blocking your progress. You have to navigate your way to the top (look for V shapes etched on the rocks for hints). You should be at a barren tree.

Use the coil rope on the right branch and carefully climb the rope up to a narrow ledge. There are tiny crevices in the rock face, which you have to climb on to make your way to the top.


Anyone who has played King's Quest III will be familiar with this puzzle.

Make your way across the long ledge and climb it until you get to the final one. It is likely that you will fall off, and you may need to adjust a bit. Save your game and go onto the next screen. There is the castle in the distance, and the whole place is struck by lightning. Go north to the windy path where there is a waterfall running off the moat. Go left to the castle entrance, where there is a henchman with a cart next to the drawbridge. Go over and climb into it without being noticed by the henchman. He will then go across the drawbridge and enter the castle. As soon as he is gone, get out of the cart.

Alternate Solution:

Before you head left to the drawbridge, walk north to arrive at the moat. Here, wait until the alligators move apart, then enter the water and swim to the wall. Climb the wall until you are at the windows, avoiding the falling rocks. Cut the vines at the top-left window, and climb in.

Alternate Solution:

If Hen Wen was captured by the Gwythaints earlier, go north and west. Go up the stairs and east. Go through the east door to arrive at the balcony overlooking the throne room. From there, jump off and retrieve Hen Wen to break the spell. Either throw her off the parapet, or cross the drawbridge. You can also go down into the dungeons, letting her go out through the hole in the burial chamber.

Go north to the wine cellar, go between the first and second wine casks from the door and you will fall down a garbage chute. When you get down to the bottom, you'll say hello to Eilonwy and her magic bauble. Go west (x2) and north (If you got captured by the guards, go north first. If you went down the stairs, go north and west.) and you will see a wall where five of the stones reach onto the floor from the wall. Move up in front of them and remove them all one-by-one using the DO command. Go through the hole into the burial chamber. You see a stone coffin with a glint of metal at the top.

Alternate Solution:

You can also reach the bottom by going north, west, down the stairs, and south. Turn the figure on the wall and climb down the ladder.


If you get caught by the guards while walking around the castle, you will be placed in the dungeon. To get out, rattle the cup at the cell door to open a passage. Before you enter this door, retrieve your inventory from the closet through the left door at the back in the area, located north of the wine cellar.

When you get down to the bottom, you'll say hello to Eilonwy and her magic bauble. Go west (x2) and north (If you got captured by the guards, go north first. If you went down the stairs, go north and west.) and you will see a wall where five of the stones reach onto the floor from the wall. Move up in front of them and remove them all one-by-one. Now, go through the hole into the burial chamber. You see a stone coffin with a glint of metal at the top.

The magic bauble will find an exit to the north-northwest, and Eilonwy will follow it out of the castle. You are unable to follow suit, so move up close to the coffin and retrieve the magic sword. Go south (x2) and east. You will arrive at a scene with a gargoyle and the ladder. Stand in front of the gargoyle and open the trap door with the DO command. Go to the ladder and HIGHLIGHT the sword.


The game is over if you are caught with the sword.

Save the game and go up the ladder. When you arrive at the top, move to the center of the screen and go north. You will see a henchman guarding the cell and the dungeon. Get close to him and attack him with the sword. While he is stunned, get the keys from the right wall and go south before he comes to. Next, go back to the center of the screen and go north again. The henchman will follow you. Attack him with the sword again, then quickly use the keys on the dungeon door. Enter to see Fflewddur Fflam. Walk up to him and talk. Taran will introduce himself and untie him. You will be given his harp and he will take off.

HIGHLIGHT the sword again and leave the dungeon by going south. From there, go west through the next door, up the first stairs, east, and then south (x2) to arrive at the drawbridge area.

Alternate Solution:

Go up the stairs, west (x2), and jump off or back out the way you came in if you climbed the wall. If you do the parapet method, you will sacrifice 13 points.

If you are still at the drawbridge area, the henchman will appear. Attack him with the sword, then move up to the drawbridge mechanism and use the sword. The sword will cut the chain, causing the drawbridge to open permanently. Go out the door, across the drawbridge, and back to the rock wall (make sure that you can see the rope here). Climb back down the cliff and the rope the same way you got up. Now, navigate back through the rocks, exit south, and go south again to the swamp. Jump on the rocks until you get to the other side. Go toward the door and open it, and then go inside.

Alternate Solution:

If you went west out of the rock maze, go south (x2) and fly west from the northeast corner of Morva Marsh.

Alternate Solution:

It's a lot easier to just use the flying dust. Simply HIGHLIGHT it and then USE it. Go toward the house and use the DO command to land.

Open the chest you see here, and some witches appear, who don't like what you are doing. Tell them who you are. When they ask you to trade something, trade the sword.


If you fail to tell them who you are, the game ends.

Happy with what they have, all of you go outside where the cauldron is here. Look at the cauldron, then talk to the witches. Suddenly, a gwythaint comes by, steals the cauldron, and carries it to the castle. Now you have to return to the castle. Fly back across the marsh and land where you can. Navigate the rock maze, and return to the castle using the methods that were explained earlier. The drawbridge should still be open. Enter the castle.

Without getting caught again, go down the garbage chute between the wine casks. When you get to the bottom, go south. Select the magic mirror in inventory, then east to the Horned King's Secret Burial Chamber. You see the king preparing to resurrect his evil army, he then sees you. When he gets close to you, use the mirror on him. His own reflection causes him to jump into the cauldron, and he dies.

Congratulations! You have completed The Black Cauldron.

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