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Black Magic

Black Magic Commodore 64 Loading Screen.


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For centuries, the people of MariGold have suffered under the rule of the Red Warlock, Zahgrim, making a once prosperous and happy place to live to an evil and depressive land. Zangrim had defeated the wizard Anakar the Wise by turning him to a stone statue before overthrowing King Tauraus. A hero is needed to defeat the evil warlock and return the peace and happiness back to MariGold and you are that hero. You were an apprentice to a wizard called Goff but your training was cut short when he was killed by demons and with all the magic books destroyed your magic powers became limited. You have however discovered a parchment explaining that Anakar's six magical eyes have been scattered over the land and if returned to his statue, the secret on how to defeat Zahgrim will be revealed. You have to set out across the land looking for the eyes before making the journey to the warlock's castle and defeat him.

Black Magic is an arcade adventure with elements of a RPG with the main playing area viewed from the side with the screen scrolling in multiple directions when you move. You start your quest on the surface of the land as the class, apprentice and you are armed with limited amounts of arrows and two types of spells but extra can be found. You must search the land on the surface and venture deep underground connected by ladders on your quest. As you explore you will encounter many creatures and if you are touched or are shot by them then you lose part of a health gauge and if this empties then you die and it is game over. Food can be found scattered around and these can be used to top up your health as well as any extra can be stored on your person.

As you progress and complete tasks then your experience points increase and collect a certain amount and your class is promoted to Wizard then Sorcerer before you become Necromancer which is needed to defeat Zahgrim. The types of spells you have and use also increase when you move up a class. You will also encounter trapped prisoners who require freeing just by walking through them. Below the main playing area is a status panel and the information on this is experience points, class, number of arrows, number of spells, spells that you have, eyes collected, underground level you are in, and finally health and food gauges.


Black Magic Commodore 64 Loading Screen.
Black Magic Commodore 64 Deeper underground.
Black Magic Commodore 64 Title Screen.
Black Magic Commodore 64 Your dead.

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