Black Mirror III: Final Fear Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Options screen.
Extras that can be unlocked during the game.
Save game screen.
The Black Mirror castle is burning.
The inspector reluctantly discharges Darren form prison.
Fix the copier.
Talking to Edward at the diner.
Darren visits weakened Victoria.
In front of the gate of Black Mirror castle.
Conversation with the Reverend of Warmhill Church.
The Gordon hotel.
Talking to Murray, the owner of the hotel.
Talking to the therapist.
The old church in a neighboring hamlet.
Willow Creek Town Square
Visiting the church's cemetery.
Quick travel map to areas you've visited before.
Inside Murray's office.
The evil throne room.
Looks like fishing season opened. Though Bobby is just searching for shells. Darren on the other hand is searching for evil portals.
Talking to police officer in town.
Since you can die in this game, it would be wise to make sure there are no hidden bear traps lying around.
Sometimes Mordred is talking through Darren, mostly in threatening and scary manner.
Talking to a police inspector in a local cafe.
Checking the victim's house under police supervision.
Burial mound finally found.
Darren, up close in one of the cutscenes.
Dark portal ahead.
Revisiting the place below the academy, first visited in Black Mirror II.
The back of the Gordon castle at night in the rain.
Waking up in a locked room in the castle, witless as to how you got there.
Performing an exorcism on Darren.
Exploring the dark cellar.
Valentina and Darren discussing the events that transpired.
Various books and letters can be zoomed and examined in more detail.
At later point in the game, you'll be able to switch between Darren and Valentina, sometimes necessary to solve certain puzzles.
Something foul happened in this cabin in the woods.
Finding a secret entrance in the castle's library.
Secret underground entrance beneath the castle.
Navigating the labyrinth around the deadly shades.
An alchemy lab
Browsing at the local convenience store
Phone booth
Passing by the Three Kegs inn
Exploring the ruins
A small brook in the forest
Following the ghost
Looking for a way out
A familiar portal room from the previous game